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Yes we have Euphoria transcripts, too, but these are teleplays -- or "scripts-proper." There's often some confusion surrounding what the difference is. So, if you're interested, let's take a moment to learn what makes them unique.


A teleplay, or script, is very similar to a screenplay. Basically, it's what the cast and crew follow when filming.

A transcript is sort of a like written log of speech -- or the on-screen dialogue of actors. Rarely is there contextual information.

The biggest difference between the two is that a teleplay gives context to the dialogue. Location identifiers, time of day, interaction with props and other actors give the reader a better understanding.

A transcript is a great resource when pairing it with the video itself. A teleplay, however, immerses the reader. It's almost like reading a novel.


Many writers have a style that's unique to them. These scripts are written by the show's creator and director, Sam Levinson. If you're familiar with the series, then you're probably keenly aware of Levinson's prolific use of "flashbacks."

In fact, the series has so many of them that Levinson uses a "coding" system to help cast and crew understand the flow. For example, you may see something like this: (CFBD2) at the end of a Scene Header. That code signifies that the scene is a "(who/what)Cassie Flashback - (when)Day - (sequence)2." Also, you could see: (FB102). In this case, it means: "(who/what)Flashback (season)1 (episode)02."

The more Euphoria scripts that you read, the more you'll begin to understand Levinson's coding system. That being said, I encourage you to read not only Euphoria, but other series, too.


If you're an avid book reader, then the format of a script, teleplay and screenplay may be a little jarring at first. But, once you read a few pages you're very likely to get into the flow and be able to enjoy it like you would a novel. The more scripts you read, the easier it will become.

Okay, so I think we're done here. Before you go, I should mention that some of the Euphoria scripts are more than 10mb (file size). They come in PDF format. However, because most of season 1 are scanned versions, it was difficult to compress without affecting quality.

Have fun. Welcome to 8FLiX!

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