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Welcome to 8FLiX's collection of "Series Bibles" and "Short Stories." Before you begin your journey of discovery, let's take a closer look at how this material can help you.

First thing's first: what exactly is a "Series Bible?"


They've been around almost as long as television itself. A "Writer's Guide", or a "Bible" as it's sometimes referred to, is the single most important blueprint that a TV series can have. Basically, the "Series Bible" describes how the show will thrive and tell a story. Just like religious texts from where its name derives, this "Bible" details how its characters, locations, and situations should tell the story of their life. Show runners and head writers are generally the only production staff who have access to the most sacred texts of the "Writer's Guide": how the series will end.


"Bibles" can be as detailed as "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry's 53-page "Writer's Guide" to "T.O.S." Written in 1967, its basic principals are still followed to-this-day by "Star Trek" writers; no mater the franchise, movie, or Star Date.

Alternatively, a "Writer's Guide" can be as simple as "The Dead Zone's" seasonal 5-page "dos and don'ts" memos. This type of approach encourages writers to pitch specific episode storylines, while still developing the sub-plots and arc of the series' main characters.

A well written "Writer's Guide" enables new scribes, who have no historical knowledge of the series, to pitch a storyline, write it, and eventually produce 'their' episode without disrupting the long-established tone.


A short story is exactly that: an intriguing tale with a beginning, middle, and end that is written using less than 10,000 words. The basic rule-of-thumb for a short story is to 'keep it simple.'

A small number of chapters following a single theme is all one needs to tell a great story. The trend, as of this writing (June 2022), is that publishers like to see short stories fall between 4,000 and 8,000 words.


If you have an idea for a screenplay, writing a short story first is an excellent way to gauge timing and tone. Also, you may find that after writing a 32-page short, the idea of a 90-page screenplay may not seem as attractive as it once was. Not all short stories make for good screenplays.


Okay, now that you're up-to-speed, have a look at some of the short stories an bibles 8FLiX has available. You can read, download, and study at your leisure. Don't forget, we're always open and our service is provided free of charge (but we do accept financial donations).

Also, if you can't find a script that you're looking for then please let us know! 8FLiX has thousands of screenplays that are not listed. The database grows everyday as we publish our stock. So, if you're looking for something specific, contact us. If we don't have it now, we'll get it. Free.

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