Unsorted screenplays archives and full catalogue

Introducing 8FLiX's full catalogue of screenplays.

These scripts are, ironically enough, sorted as unsorted. What makes these screenplays different than the others we have is the presentation. You'll not find cast or movie information here, just simple, unadorned details about the screenplay itself.

I'll be adding about 100 scripts each week to this catalogue; starting with screenplays beginning with the letter 'A' and running through the alphabet. Each one will have a dedicated page with some important new attributes.


You'll notice a "Glossary" of classification terms that we've assigned to each script. The color-coded lexicon outlines five different source designations: Duplicate, FYC, Original, Replica, and Scanned. You'll find more information about each classification on the download page.

Also, we offer our "Source-Confidence Level" with each screenplay. The source-confidence level is an aggregate of several factors. Specifics like: from where or whom the script came, and formatting and writing quality are taken into consideration.

This new detail will be most appreciated by Cinema Studies students. And, it's because of their recognition that we recognize Cornell and NYU for listing 8FLiX as a resource.


If you can't find a script you're looking for then please let us know! 8FLiX has thousands of screenplays that are not listed. The database grows everyday as we publish our stock. So, if you're looking for something specific, contact us. If we don't have it, we'll get it.

And, don't forget, we're always open and our service is provided free of charge thanks to our many donors and patrons.

Welcome to 8FLiX.

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