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Romantic misadventures, infuriating school rules and epic clashes of the sexes send the friends hurtling into confusing new territory.

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"Big Mouth" awkwardness at its best.

26 photos ~ Se.3

"Why don't you teach the boys impulse control?!"

~ Gina, had noticeable recent growth spurt

"I'd love to stand here and tell you that I'm a pansexual, demi-romantic illusionist."

~ Gordy, not sure what he is

"Ow! She cracked my screen! F***ing bitch."

~ Cellsea, broken by Nick's mom

"Why are you humoring this psychopath?"

~ Nick, parents are patronizing Jay

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"Big Mouth" stars: Nick Kroll; John Mulaney; Jessi Klein; Jason Mantzoukas; Jenny Slate; Fred Armisen; Jordan Peele; Maya Rudolph; Andrew Rannells; Joe Wengert; Kat Dennings; Jessica Chaffin; Paula Pell; Neil Casey; Richard Kind; Seth Morris; June Diane Raphael; David Thewlis; Jon Daly; Nathan Fillion; Chelsea Peretti; Kristen Bell. For more cast details, go to the series main page and click or tap on the icon.

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