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When a teen on the autism spectrum decides to get a girlfriend, his bid for more independence puts his whole family on a path of self-discovery.

Atypical Season 1 poster.

Season 1 [HD] Trailer (Credit: Netflix)

Episode 1.01


Episode 1.02

A Human Female

Episode 1.03

Julia Says

Episode 1.04

A Nice Neutral Smell

Episode 1.05

That's My Sweatshirt

Episode 1.06

The D-Train to Bone Town

Episode 1.07

I Lost My Poor Meatball

Episode 1.08

The Silencing Properties of Snow


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"Atypical" stars: Jennifer Jason Leigh; Keir Gilchrist; Brigette Lundy-Paine; Michael Rapaport; Nik Dodani; Jenna Boyd; Best Laid Plans; Omar Adam; Nina Ameri; Domonique Brown; Kevin Daniels; Christopher Gehrman; Nikki Gutman; Spencer Harte; Angel Laketa Moore; Amy Okuda; Graham Rogers; Naomi Rubin; Fivel Stewart; Layla Weiner.

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