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Dark • Season 3 Review • “The End is the Beginning – Unspoiled Explainer”

Dark • Season 3 Review • “The End is the Beginning – Unspoiled Explainer”

Dark • Season 3 Review
“The End is the Beginning" – Unspoiled Explainer


What I think the series finale means to the future of the franchise. The clues lie within one character, and an oft repeated phrase.

All videos and photos courtesy Netflix.

The Series Finale Promised To Answer Our Questions. Did Netflix Deliver?

I've watched the entire series; all 26 episodes. This review is based on season 3 of Dark.

One of the best Original Series to come out of Netflix is the German-made "Dark". If you donate only a few moments of your time to reading reviews, then this is all you need to know:

It's brilliant.

Want to learn more? Read on.


An extraordinary feat!

Released in 2017 with little fanfare in North America (but garnered a huge following in Deutschland), this brilliant series recently hit number one on IMDb's most popular pages.

Let me say that again. "Dark", a foreign-language TV show, was number one on IMDb's most popular pages.

A German-language, supernatural, time-travel show, with a complicated storyline, featuring little-known actors, trending on an an American US entertainment website.

That's pretty extraordinary.

But why, tho?

Thousands of blockbuster movies and television series have held this spot before - some for weeks at a time. But very few were made in a language other than English. (Don't worry, Netflix offers language dubbing for "Dark" so there's no need to read subtitles.)

As I write this article, "Dark" is still the the most popular page on IMDb. Overall, it's the 71st most popular TV show - ever.


Full Disclosure.

I am a German-language Beta Tester for IMDb. So I write and translate a lot of German plot summaries. And this sometimes requires my watching a lot of original German-made TV and movies. "Dark" is my all-time favourite. So I may be a little biased.

Do they explain everything?

With the 3rd and final season now streaming on Netflix, the series promises answers for many of our questions. And they do deliver. But not all of our questions are answered.

For example, Officer Torben Wöller's right eye was bandaged throughout the first season. In the second season, Wöller was sporting an uber cool black eyepatch - denoting that his injury was healing. But the third season? No bandage, no eyepatch, but now he's missing his left arm! No explanation for this sudden disappearance of a rather important appendage for a cop. But, I think this props up my theory about the series ending (keep reading).


There will be blood.

Season three is violent. There will be blood. And a lot of literal head-smashing. Lots of killings, suicides, and some nudity and sex scenes. There's also an attempted rape scene which ends very badly for one person. So, yeah, send the kiddos away because "Dark" is very dark, and not "Stranger Things".

Is Dark really over?

Is the series really over? Perhaps. But I sense something may be in the works. Let me explain.

Throughout the 26-episode series, you often hear the phrase, "The end is the beginning." That's a pretty big clue suggesting how it's going to end. With the "it" being both the endless cycle of time travel in Winden, and the series itself.

So although many of our questions are answered, especially during the final four episodes, there is this one thing that bothers me. Well, not really bothers me so much as it makes me think.

Well, what's this, then?

A major character, whom I shall not name, but is able to travel between time and space freely, is pregnant. It's subtle, and may have been overlooked by viewers. But there is so much going on, and so many storylines to follow. So, I don't blame anyone if they missed it.

But, watch this particular character's scenes again. Closely. You'll notice that no matter the year - she is pregnant! Always. You'll learn whom the real father is if you follow her character right through to the end.


Is the beginning the end, or is the end just the beginning?

She appears in the final scene, of the final act, in the final episode. And once we get passed a minor, but important distraction, we notice that the woman is (still) pregnant.

Then director Baran bo Odar lets us have it. Our answer.

I believe I gasped something like, "Wait, what? WTF. OMG!"

To summarize.

"Dark" is worth your time, over and over again.


Yes, pretty much everything is explained. We learn where everyone comes from, who they are connected to and why they are where they are, when they are.


Yes, the series is over. No more seasons are planned.


But, there's a stunning revelation in the final scene.


The end is the beginning?

I'm not a critic, and I barely qualify as a journalist. In fact, I wouldn't even call myself a writer, lest I insult actual wordsmiths! So, if I take the time to binge a series and then write about it, I do it because I'm a fan.

Unless the apocalypse is imminent, you can watch all episodes of "Dark" on Netflix.


Thanks for your support and love! ❤️~ Nick


Dark (2017)
Starring: Oliver Masucci, Karoline Eichhorn, Jördis Triebel, Louis Hofmann, Maja Schöne, Stephan Kampwirth, Daan Lennard Liebrenz, Andreas Pietschmann, Deborah Kaufmann, Tatja Seibt, Walter Kreye, Lisa Vicari, Paul Lux, Hermann Beyer, Moritz Jahn.

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