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I Am Not Okay With This • Opinion • “Can Eleven & Sydney Co Exist?”

I Am Not Okay With This • Opinion • “Can Eleven & Sydney Co Exist?”

Can Eleven & Sydney Co-Exist? Are We Going To Be Okay With This?


It was, I thought, a simple question. One that many viewers of "I Am Not Okay With This" and "Stranger Things" would want answered. No. Check that. NEED answered!


How do you give Sydney Novak the superpower that she has without her looking like another Eleven? Who, as you know, is ‘only’ number 11 of…how many?

Can Eleven and Sydney co-exist in the same world?

It was only a question. I just wanted to add a little substance to my review of "I Am Not Okay With This". However, the answer I received from series writer and producer, Christy Hall, was rather inspiring!

I’ll get to Christy’s answer in a moment.

Even though I don’t call myself a journalist (I still giggle uncontrollably when someone calls me one), I was forced to be a journalist.

So, I did some research.


The truth is out there.

Wikipedia’s article on psychokinesis/telekinesis is a total buzzkill. Don’t get me wrong, there is loads of scientific ‘facts’ that can be quite valuable…for someone who is as fun as a colonoscopy.

It’s like having Neil deGrasse Tyson beside you giving running commentary while watching Armageddon. Do I care that the 'laws of physics are optional'?

So, I decided to take a different approach to my research. If a real journalist has questions they want answered, they go right to the source. So that’s what I did.

I went to the kitchen, grabbed a spoon, and tried to bend it with my mind.

Didn’t work when I was a kid, either.

Tell me you've never tried to move something with your mind at some point in your life? Or, tuck a towel into your shirt like Superman’s cape. Or ‘lasso’ your little brother like Wonder Woman?

Eleven is pissed off now in Chapter Six of Stranger Things 3

Not all superheroines are created equal.

My point is this: the subject's story is relative to, and just as important as, the subject matter. The journey to find and tame my superpower, or lack-there-of, is different from yours (and likely more entertaining).

Eleven and Sydney have similar powers, sure. As do Ronald Dahl’s 'Matilda' and Stephen King’s 'Carrie'.

"Knowing we were entering that same creative sandbox, of course, we took great strides in ensuring that Sydney would prove unique in this treasured landscape," series writer and producer Christy Hall tells me.

"What separates (Sydney) from Eleven more than anything, in my opinion, is the normalcy of her upbringing. Sydney could be any one of us. Just a regular kid, going to high school. Someone who never saw themselves as special in any regard. And then. Something begins to happen within her. It's more akin to X-Men, in a way. The idea that... what would happen if something mysterious was going on inside you, yet Professor X never shows up to explain any of it to you."

We're all a little freaky.

What makes one’s story special - superheroine or not - is who they are, not what they are or what they can do.

Eleven and Sydney, share something that connects them - bonds them. But they each have a unique story to tell. Their story. Which, in a way, could also be the narrative that we all have in common.

"(I Am Not Okay With This is) meant to be a fun, irreverent, origin story," says Hall. "A creative metaphor for what it simply feels like to grow up. I mean. Didn't each of us feel like a freak inside when we were facing the challenges of puberty?"

I am okay with that.

So rather than compare or judge our young heroines, we can honor them! Together.

"We believe strongly that Eleven and Sydney can not only co-exist, but enhance and celebrate the strength and power of each other. Like new besties in the 'power' story-sphere. Hey, why not?"

Now that’s a crossover series I’d like to see.

Have a look at some "I Am Not Okay With This" pictures.

I'm not a critic, and I barely qualify as a journalist. In fact, I wouldn't even call myself a writer, lest I insult actual wordsmiths! So, if I take the time to binge a series and then write about it, I do it because I'm a fan. And now, I Am (really) Okay With This.

I Am Not Okay With This begins streaming on Netflix February 26. Yep, that's a Wednesday - two days earlier than most premieres.


This page is a part of my 8FLiX Standom. For more "I Am Not Okay With This" fandom-standom awesomeness, check back throughout the week. I'll be adding loads of content to get you ready for Wednesday's premiere on Netflix. Thanks for your support and love! ❤️~ Nick

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