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Welcome to 8FLiX's portfolio from season 3 of "Stranger Things". This section of our gallery is available for download, absolutely free. Here's what we have for you today.

Here's what you can expect inside.

"Stranger Things" is available in 20 languages in 190 countries around the world. That's a lot of people who don't speak English. With each language comes a different poster called 'localized key art.' Well, we managed to track down 24 of those localized posters from around the world.

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Hover over the picture for more details. Also, scroll through them to find interesting facts and other great stuff. Or, click the picture to enlarge it and engage the gallery! To find out how to download, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Stranger Things 3 poster in Arabic.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Brazil (Brazilian Portuguese)
Stranger Things 3 Traditional Chinese poster.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Denmark.
Stranger Things 3 poster Germany.
Stranger Things 3 poster Greece.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Spain, Mexico, and Spanish America.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Finland.
Stranger Things 3 poster for France, French Canada and other French speaking countries.

How do you say...

Have you ever wondered what the Upside Down would be like in German? How about Spanish? Or Japanese? "Stranger Things" is seen in 190 countries. Here's a small clip of what Caleb, Dustin and Mike sound like in other languages.

Translating "Stranger Things". (Courtesy: Netflix)

Stranger Things 3 poster for Israel.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Indonesia.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Italy.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Korea.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Latin America.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Norway.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Netherlands.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Poland.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Portugal.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Romania.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Sweden.
Stranger Things poster for Thailand.
Stranger Things 3 poster for Turkey.
Stranger Things 3 poster for the United Kingdom.
Stranger Things 3 poster USA and Canada.

Did you know this...

You don't need negativity in your life. Negativity breeds negativity and attracts bad feelings. Growing up today is harder than it's ever been. But you know what? It's going to get better. Just hang in there for a little bit longer. You're doing great. 😍

Just one more thing...

We source series' screengrabs ourselves. And our on-set production stills come directly from the distributor. The result, then, is high-quality photos for you. If you're going to use them on your website, please give credit where credit is due.

Did you know...

Clicking a photo loads it in a gallery so you don't have to scroll. But doing that means you'll miss out on my witty and (sometimes) factual commentary. Oh, and if you're on a mobile device, you can swipe-up through the pictures without tapping. And if you want a closer look, tap the photo and zoom in. Easy peasy.

How to download...

If you're on a desktop or laptop, right-click on the image or picture you want to save. Then click 'Open image in new tab'. Then, go to that tab. Right-click on the image, and save it to your computer. If you're on a mobile device, lightly press down on the image and wait. In 1 or 2 seconds your device will give you several options from which to choose. Tap 'Save Image' and follow the instructions given by your device.

Before I forget...

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"Stranger Things" stars: Winona Ryder; David Harbour; Finn Wolfhard; Millie Bobby Brown; Gaten Matarazzo; Caleb McLaughlin; Natalia Dyer; Charlie Heaton; Cara Buono; Dacre Montgomery; Sadie Sink; Noah Schnapp; Joe Keery and Maya Hawke. For more cast details, go to the series main page and click or tap on the icon.

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