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Welcome to our growing portfolio of episode stills from season 2 of "Stranger Things". We have a lot of fantastic pictures for you today.

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This is the second of five parts. Today, you'll see more great episode stills of "Stranger Things" from the second season. And, we have 'Throwback Thursday' factoids featuring cast introductions from 2015. You'll read snippets from the original Netflix press release. And, don't forget to have a peek at the Winona Ryder spotlight video just a few swipes down.

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Lucas, Max, Mike, Steve and Dustin watch as Eleven disappears into the night in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Steve and Dustin arrive at the scrap yard in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Sam Owens and Hopper are at Hawkins Lab in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Dustin and Steve discuss the finer points of hair styling in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

Beverly Hills, California. August 20, 2015. Cast announcement.

After worldwide search with thousands of applicants, Netflix has added several young actors to "Stranger Things."

Kali uses her powers in the first episode of season 2. Will she be back for season 4? (Source: Netflix)
I'll be watching you in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper and Eleven enjoy some Eggos in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven just wants to get outside for a few minutes in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven and Hopper sitting at the table in Hopper's cabin in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

Hopper and Joyce.

David Harbour's primary photo
Winona Ryder's primary photo

It was previously announced that Winona Ryder and David Harbour would also both star in the series. Ryder will portray Joyce, a working class single mother reeling from the disappearance of her 12-year-old son, and Harbour will play the towns chief of police.

Sportlight on Winona Ryder. (Source: Netflix)

Eleven in the woods is being followed in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper and Eleven do a little house cleaning in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper and Eleven outside Hopper's cabin in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Will is still haunted by the Mind Flayer in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
This is what Will sees when he has 'an episode' in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy and Jonathan are finally together in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

Finn Wolfhard.

Finn Wolfhard's primary photo.

Finn Wolfhard co-stars in the series as Mike, a bullied 12-year-old who becomes an unlikely hero in the quest to save his best friend. Wolfhard guest starred in 'The 100', and the independent films 'Aftermath' and 'The Resurrection'.

Hopper makes a visit to the Upside Down in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce and Bob are in the Upside Down in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven and her aunt in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie Bobby Brown's primary photo

In the series, Millie Bobby Brown portrays a mysterious character that Mike meets in the woods, who possesses strange abilities. Brown appeared in the BBCʼs 'Intruders' and caught the attention of Stephen King, who described her performance as ‘terrificʼ on Twitter. She also appeared as Alice in 'Once Upon A Time' and on 'NCIS'.

Eleven wants to track down her mother in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Kali and Eleven become fast friends in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Kali and her gang introduce themselves to Eleven in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Kali teaches Eleven how to control her powers in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

Gaten Matarazzo.

Gaten Matarazzo's primary photo

Gaten Matarazzo joins the cast as Dustin, a 12-year-old who marches to the beat of his own drum. And whose sense of humor helps defuse tense situations in the series. Matarazzo recently finished a one-year stint as one of the two Gavroches in the current revival of 'Les Miserables' on Broadway. He also recently appeared on 'The Blacklist', and has done the 'Radio City Christmas Spectacular'.

The new and improved Eleven in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Kali and Eleven begin to track down the scientists that raised them in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Brenner is back, and he wants Eleven to come home in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Kali in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

Caleb McLaughlin.

Caleb McLaughlin's primary photo

Caleb McLaughlin stars as Lucas, an opinionated friend of Mikeʼs, who possesses a fierceness and courage the other boys lack. McLaughlin recently wrapped 'The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek' by Athol Fugard at the Signature Theater. From 2012-2014 he played 'Young Simba' in 'The Lion King' on Broadway. And in 2013 he was one of a handful of young Broadway stars to do an album called 'When I Grow Up: Broadwayʼs Next Generation,' Based on a one-night only concert cabaret event.

Mike says goodbye to Eleven in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven tries to close the gate in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Dustin and Steve are in the Upside Down hunting for demodogs in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
In the pumpkin patch in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

Noah Schnapp.

Noah Schnapp's primary photo

Noah Schnapp portrays Will in the series, a small and sensitive boy who doesn't fit into the 1980ʼs definition of normal, who vanishes into thin air. Schnapp will be appearing in Steven Spielbergʼs 'Bridge of Spies', opposite Tom Hanks and Amy Ryan. And as the voice of 'Charlie Brown' in the upcoming 'The Peanuts Movie'. And also the upcoming film, 'We Only Know So Much', as Jeanne Tripplehornʼs son.

Barb's parents have her funeral, finally, in season 2. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper experiences Eleven's powers in season 2. (Source: Netflix)

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"Stranger Things" stars: Winona Ryder; David Harbour; Finn Wolfhard; Millie Bobby Brown; Gaten Matarazzo; Caleb McLaughlin; Natalia Dyer; Charlie Heaton; Cara Buono; Dacre Montgomery; Sadie Sink; Noah Schnapp; Joe Keery and Maya Hawke. For more cast details, go to the series main page and click or tap on the icon.

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