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Welcome to our extensive portfolio of production stills and episode pictures from season 1 of "Stranger Things". We have a lot of great stuff in store for you today.

Here's what you can expect inside.

This is the final chapter of our pictures from season 1. Today, you'll see a few more production stills and episode pictures from "Stranger Things". And, read about what makes the series so awesome. Producer Shawn Levy, and the Duffer Brothers tell us what inspires them.

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Eleven waits to get into the water tank. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven makes her way to the water tank. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven readies to use her powers on command. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven and Brenner on their way to the water tank. (Source: Netflix)

Where did they come from?

"Stranger Things" creators, writers and directors, Matt and Ross Duffer 'came out of nowhere,' according to producer Shawn Levy.

I got sent a lookbook that was kind of a combination of words and imagery that evoked the world of the show in their hearts and minds and I was so struck by how vivid it was. It was the kind of thing I love, but somehow felt I hadn’t seen in a long time.

The cast of "Stranger Things" talk about working with the Duffer Brothers. (Source: Netflix)

Dr. Brenner leads Eleven to the water tank. (Source: Netflix)
Jonathan prepares to fight Steve in the alley. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy watches Jonathan closely from the safety of the stairs. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy kisses Jonathan and gives him a Christmas present. (Source: Netflix)
Steve and Nancy cuddle on the sofa. (Source: Netflix)

Directing "Stranger Things."

Levy was surprised how inspired he was directing the show.

I have never directed anything quite like this, and as a result, I’m as proud of these episodes as I am of any movies I’ve directed.

In Levy’s opinion, "Stranger Things" is the announcement of a new voice in filmmaking.

Stranger Things marks the arrival of a new vision, and a new filmmaking partnership and brotherhood that is really noteworthy. We’re going to be talking about the Duffer brothers the way we talked early on, about the Coen brothers.

Steve, in a stunning Christmas sweater, cuddles Nancy. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy await a 'call' from Will. (Source: Netflix)
Lucas apologizes to Eleven. (Source: Netflix)
Mike, Eleven, Lucas and Dustin in the scrap yard. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper in the basement of Hawkins Lab. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce inspects some growth beneath Hawkins Lab. (Source: Netflix)

Home sweet home.

Having Netflix as the home for "Stranger Things was the perfect fit according to the Duffers.

Working with Netflix has been an amazing experiencing. They’ve been incredibly supportive of our vision from the very beginning, and they’ve placed so much trust in us. We also just love Netflix as a platform, because it allows people to watch the show at their own pace. This story is not necessarily intended to be watched over eight weeks. The hope is that people will get hooked and the crescendo will feel even more impactful when it’s watched over a relatively short period of time. We want the audience to feel like they’re watching an epic summer movie.

- Ross Duffer

Joyce and Hopper help Eleven into a small pool (Source: Netflix)
Dr. Brenner and his associates aren't pleased with Eleven's new friends. (Source: Netflix)
Even in a scrap yard, Eleven looks stunning after her makeover. (Source: Netflix)

King of scary.

For us, the scariest stuff from what we loved about the movies growing up was with people who we could relate to with very ordinary people who have extraordinary things happen to them. To us, that is always scarier.

- Ross Duffer

According to Ross, he and brother, Matt, are heavily influenced by Stephen King and Steven Spielberg.

We were obsessed with their books and movies because it felt their stories were about people we knew and you throw in the monsters, supernatural and UFOs and it then feels like you’re experiencing it yourself. We were influenced by so many things - movies, videogames and books, and then we kind of put it in a blender and mixed it up.

Dr. Brenner doesn't actually work for Hawkins Power and Light. (Source: Netflix)
Dr. Brenner leaves Hawkins Lab. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper searches for clues. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce awaits what took her son. (Source: Netflix)

What a ride!

What’s fun about the show is that it’s a bit of a rollercoaster - it has a little bit of everything. We follow three different generations: kids, teens, and adults. We like to think of each of these generations as existing in a different 80s universe. The adults are in a Spielberg film -- these imperfect individuals who slowly but inevitably come to realize that something very extraordinary is taking place around them. The teens are in an 80s horror film like 'Halloween' or 'Nightmare on Elm Street', where the pains of high school and the loss of innocence is juxtaposed with supernatural evil. And the kids are in a Stephen King novel, like 'Stand by Me' or 'It': nerdy outsiders from a small town who have to band together to face this terrifying horror.

- Matt Duffer

Dr. Brenner and Eleven at Hawkins Lab. (Source: Netflix)
Jonathan, Nancy and Steve prepare for battle. (Source: Netflix)
Mike just needs a hug. (Source: Netflix)
Lucas, Mike, Eleven and Dustin watch as Will's 'body' is pulled from the water. (Source: Netflix)
The Wheeler Family having dinner. (Source: Netflix)

Something for everyone.

We want everyone to watch the show. If you’re a 12-year-old, you can relate to the kids. If you’re a teenager, you can relate to Jonathan and Nancy. And if you’re an adult you can relate to Winona and David’s characters. The kids are based on who we were like as kids playing nerdy games in the basement so I think adults will also see themselves in the kids.

- Ross Duffer

Poor Will. He's seen better days. (Source: Netflix)

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