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Welcome to our portfolio of on-set production stills and episode pictures from season 1 of "Stranger Things". Coming right up, more of the great pictures you expect from us!

Here's what you can expect inside.

This is the third of five parts. Today, you'll see more episode pictures from "Stranger Things" season 1. They come from both professional photographers, and directly from the source episodes. Also, we'll tell you a little behind-the-scenes information you may not know. Well, you probably know it by now so we'll just remind you. Enjoy your stay in the ndsᴉpǝ poʍu.

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Mike calls Lucas on the walkie. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper in the Byers' backyard searches for clues. (Source: Netflix)
Jonathan and Joyce on the porch of the Byers home. (Source: Netflix)
Will runs from the house to get the gun in the shed. But what's behind the door? (Source: Netflix)

Relevant music is important, too.

The music adds a layer and is germane to the tone of the series in a way that Levy feels isn’t seen anywhere on TV.

It’s singular to the TV landscape. Our original music is all electronic. It’s extremely ambient and atmospheric.

But it will strike a familiar chord for those who grew up in the 80s, as it evokes the iconic sounds of electronic composers like 'Tangerine Dream', 'Vangelis', and 'John Carpenter'. The show is rounded out by an eclectic mix of classic popular music from the era, from 'Toto' to 'Joy Division' to 'Modern English.'

Lucas, Dustin and Will get ready to leave as Mike says goodbye for the night. (Source: Netflix)
Mike watches as Will and friends leave. (Source: Netflix)
Mike and Will discuss an earlier D&D game, before Will heads home. (Source: Netflix)
Dustin and Will have a friendly race on their bikes. (Source: Netflix)
Dustin looses the bike race against Will. (Source: Netflix)

So vintage.

The sense of family and community is what strikes Natalia Dyer the most about the era.

The family eats together and it feels very different from modern-day families. There’s a nice innocence and sense of community.

And about the wardrobe ...

I love these clothes! The scrunchies, the shoes, the high-waisted jeans - it’s cool. Plus there’s this modern fascination with vintage things in general and I’m a fan of vintage, so it’s fun.

Barb and Nancy talk about going out later. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy and Steve have a friendly chat inside the girls washroom at school. (Source: Netflix)
Dustin, Mike and Lucas try the new ham radio at Hawkin's AV Club. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper listening to the boys in the principal's office. (Source: Netflix)
Mike on his bike at school. No sign of Will. (Source: Netflix)
Mike and Lucas in science class. (Source: Netflix)

Yeah, so about that...

Levy explains about the wardrobe,

We wanted to tell a true story about the time in the 80s but we wanted to tell true stories of characters. And so whether it’s Dustin’s signature baseball cap, or Mike’s ugly beige parka - we wanted to say something about character through wardrobe choices. So it was about both historical accuracy and character honesty.

Mike, Lucas and Dustin ask Mr. Clarke a few questions. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven eats some ice cream at Benny's. (Source: Netflix)
This is what happens to Eleven when she disobeys Papa's orders. (Source: Netflix)

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We're going to give you some inside information and insight about the great cast of "Stranger Things". Plus, we have a lot more production stills and episode pictures ahead! Stay tuned to the Upside Down on 8FLiX.

Eleven sometimes has to be dragged to a punishment room. (Source: Netflix)
Powell, Callahan and Hopper locate Will's bike, but not Will. (Source: Netflix)
Will takes a shortcut to go home. (Source: Netflix)
Jonathan reviews some paperwork and looks for clues. (Source: Netflix)

Finding the cast.

Center to the story is the boys’ quest to find their best friend who has gone missing. In casting the kids, Ross Duffer says,

There weren’t any other kids who could do these roles. These are the kids. We searched all over the world and auditioned thousands of young actors. Once we found our four main kids, they really inspired our writing and the characters.

For instance, Gaten does not yet have a front teeth due to a condition called Cleidocranial dysplasia, so the Duffers incorporated this into the character’s backstory.

Dustin, Mike and Lucas argue about how best to rescue Will. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce knows Will is talking to her. (Source: Netflix)
Holly Wheeler is fascinated by the flashing lights. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce and Will communicate through the Christmas lights. (Source: Netflix)
Mike and Eleven on the walkie listening for Will's voice. (Source: Netflix)

Casting kids for major roles is akin to gambling.

Shawn Levy, executive producer and director agrees,

When you cast kids to play friends, you never know, it’s a crapshoot.

But he adds,

The process of making the show has bonded them so intensely and it’s completely evident on screen.

Finn Wolfhard describes the boys:

Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will are these geeky kids who are in their own little world and they love to do stuff together like play video games and talk about nerdy science experiments.

Steve and Nancy wait at their lockers at Hawkins High. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy and Steve in Hawkins High School having lunch. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy answers police questions as her mother listens. (Source: Netflix)
Callahan and Powell ask questions about Barb's disappearance. (Source: Netflix)

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