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Welcome to our growing portfolio of on-set and episode production stills from season 1 of "Stranger Things". We have a lot of fantastic pictures for you today.

Here's what you can expect inside.

This is the second of five parts. Today, you'll see more great photos of "Stranger Things" taken during the first season. They come from both professional photographers, and directly from episodes. And, we continue to include fun facts and 'did you know' information bites. And don't forget, at the bottom of this page, you'll have the option to continue your tour through the Upside Down.

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Eleven has no plans for paying for these Eggos. You gonna stop her? Hell no! (Source: Netflix)
Lucas puts on the 'Rambo' bandanna and prepares to battle evil forces. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven enjoys some Eggos in solitude. (Source: Netflix)
Mike decides to jump into the quarry to save his friend Dustin. (Source: Netflix)

How to create a fictional town.

Production designer Chris Trujillo was tasked with creating the world of Hawkins, Indiana, in Georgia and set in 1983 – no small feat. Trujillo says about the world the Duffer brothers wanted was ...

... a recreation of what we remembered and loved growing up as kids in the 80s – a reinvention of classic American cinema from the early 80s. This was a dream project for me because this was my world as a kid.

Troy, Dustin and James watch has Mike jumps, but is stopped in mid-air. (Source: Netflix)
Get your hands of my BFF or I'll break your arm. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven saves Mike's life, takes care of a few bullies, and shares a group hug. (Source: Netflix)
Brenner and Eleven at Hawkins Lab. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy, in the Upside Down, searches for Barb and Will. (Source: Netflix)

One person's 'junk drawer', in another's treasure chest.

Atlanta was actually quite the perfect location to play Hawkins because of its similar typography as well as the treasure troves of set décor we discovered at estate sales. We’d freak people out! We’d find these amazing homes that look like time capsules from the late 70s and early 80s and go in and go in and basically buy everything, including what was in the junk drawers.

- "Stranger Things" Production designer Chris Trujillo.

Eleven and Mike observe the aftermath of a crash - that Eleven made happen WITH HER MIND! (Source: Netflix)
Mike talks on the walkie while Eleven, Dustin and Lucas listen. Could this be a set-up? (Source: Netflix)
Eleven tries to use her powers to find Will. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce listens as Nancy, Dustin, Lucas and Mike sit behind her, helpless. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce and Eleven have a talk about Will. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy and Jonathan out in the school hallway. (Source: Netflix)

Decent, but not distracting.

From 'Schlitz' beer cans to walkie-talkies to 'Dungeons and Dragons' to wood paneled station wagons, "Stranger Things" evokes the 80s in subtle but meaningful ways. Says Chris Trujillo,

We never wanted it to be ‘in-your-face’ 80s and obvious. The lived-in look was important to us so that it would feel familiar to audiences, and not distract them.

Eleven rests her head on Mike's shoulder, as Dustin and Lucas sit nearby. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy and Jonathan sitting on the couch in the Byers' home. (Source: Netflix)
Steve can't believe his eyes as Nancy and Jonathan face the Mind Flayer. (Source: Netflix)

Nostalgia versus story.

You walk onto the set and you feel like you’ve fallen straight into an 80s movie.

- Charlie Heaton

It is enjoyably nostalgic for those of us who remember the 80s, but for a kid or a teenager for whom that is another era, it’s just a great story.

- Shawn Levy

Steve, Jonathan and Nancy prepare to battle the Mind Flayer. (Source: Netflix)
Brenner and his evil associates track down the boys and Eleven inside the Hawkins Middle School gymnasium. (Source: Netflix)
Lucas, Will and Dustin, in happier times, playing D&D in Mike's basement. (Source: Netflix)
Hopper looks toward the shed in the Byers' backyard. (Source: Netflix)

What's a 'record player?'

It’s a lot more fun to work in the 80s than modern day! I saw a record player on one of the sets and asked my dad for one for Christmas and he got me one. And I love it!

- Millie Bobby Brown

Hopper with his flashlight searches for clues inside the Byers' home. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce tries to talk to Will using her telephone. (Source: Netflix)
Ted and Karen Wheeler watch the TV news about Will's body being recovered. (Source: Netflix)
Mike raises Lucas on the walkie. He has a plan. (Source: Netflix)
Nancy looks at Steve with love in her eyes. But she really needs to study. (Source: Netflix)

Dungeons and Dragons.

'Dungeons and Dragons' is thematic to the show. Not just as a way the boys occupy themselves, but also in giving the audience a sense of nostalgia and a metaphor the kids’ search for Will.

In order to be as authentic to the game and honor the fans of the game, we really did a lot of research on D&D game playing. We visited a group that meets present day to play the game and even found some actual campaign books to replicate for the show. [We got] drawings from a guy who was a kid in the 80s and played the game. You’ll see some of his drawings in the campaign books and on Mike Wheeler’s bedroom wall.

- Lynda Reiss, "Stranger Things" Propmaster.

Hawkins Lab scientists exit the elevator - perhaps for the last time. (Source: Netflix)
Eleven uses the D&D board to explain the Upside Down. (Source: Netflix)
Lucas and Dustin leave Mike and Eleven in Mike's basement. (Source: Netflix)
Mike on the walkie thinks he heard Will. (Source: Netflix)
Was that Will, wonders Joyce. (Source: Netflix)
Joyce takes a call from the Upside Down. (Source: Netflix)

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