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The Last Pictures of "Euphoria" Season 1, Episode 8 "And Salt the Earth Behind You." This is Part 5 of 5.

We conclude our extensive recap of the "Euphoria" season finale! These "Euphoria" season 1 screenshots from episode 8 "And Salt the Earth Behind You" are grabbed right from the source. Go ahead and download directly from us (right-click, then 'Save Image As...' if you're on a desktop).

"Euphoria" stars: Zendaya, Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud. For a more extensive look at who's who, check out our series information page! Click on the 'cast tab'.

Euphoria (2019)

Screenshots - Season 1, Episode 8:
And Salt the Earth Behind You
Part 5 of 5

In the season finale, it's the winter formal at East Highland. Rue attempts to repair her relationship with Jules and stands up to Nate. Cassie and Maddy reevaluate their relationships.


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Mouse in the House

Word travels fast. Mouse hears about the raid, and now he's here to collect the money he's owed. Remember, last week Mouse fronted Fezco thousands of dollars worth of drugs. But Fezco and Ash flushed the drugs down the toilet when the police showed up. Mouse is expecting Fezco not to have the money. And he's prepared to deal with that.

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I Know It Was My Idea, But

This is the last we see of Mouse and Fezco this season. Did Mouse accept the money and spare Fezco's life? There's a hint that Mouse knows from where the money came. And remember, Fezco is also armed. He still has his gun tucked in his waistband behind his back. Meanwhile, Jules and Rue are about to board a train. Rue is really apprehensive. She doesn't want to go.

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Goodbye Jules

Rue stays behind and watches the train pull away. Jules is on it. Then in a series of flashback scenes, we see Rue's early life, and her struggle with mental illness and drugs. Rue sobs as she makes her way home.

Relapse Is A Part of Recovery

After being sober for 3 months, Rue relapses. In this final act, we see Rue in a trance-like state of mind. This scene, which plays out like a music video, ends with Rue on top, and silhouetted against the deep-blue night sky. The scene, and thus the season, ends with Rue falling backward. Out of sight.

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"Euphoria" stars: Zendaya; Maude Apatow; Angus Cloud; Alexa Demie; Jacob Elordi; Barbie Ferreria; Nika King; Storm Reid; Hunter Schafer; Algee Smith; Sydney Sweeney, and more!

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