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High Quality "Euphoria" Pictures from Season 1, Episode 8 "And Salt the Earth Behind You." This is Part 3 of 5.

We continue our epic journey through the season 1 finale of "Euphoria"! These "Euphoria" season 1 screenshots from episode 8 "And Salt the Earth Behind You" are grabbed right from the source. Go ahead and download directly from us (right-click, then 'Save Image As...' if you're on a desktop).

"Euphoria" stars: Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, and Sydney Sweeney. For a more extensive look at who's who, check out our series information page! Click on the 'cast tab'.

Euphoria (2019)

Screenshots - Season 1, Episode 8:
And Salt the Earth Behind You
Part 3 of 5

In the season finale, it's the winter formal at East Highland. Rue attempts to repair her relationship with Jules and stands up to Nate. Cassie and Maddy reevaluate their relationships.


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Kat & Ethan

At the formal, Kat and Ethan notice each other. But it is Kat that makes the first move this time. And in a tearful apology to Ethan, Kat accepts that she was a total bitch to a really nice guy. And he didn't deserve the hostility.

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I'll Burn Your Shit to the Ground

Cassie is at the abortion clinic with her mom and Lexi. And where is McKay? At this point, Cassie says it's over between them. Later, Rue has a few words for Nate. She demands that he leave Jules and Fezco alone. Otherwise, the whole town will know about his father's predilection for teenage boys.

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It's All About Nate

With the football game squarely in Nate's hands, he takes control. His teammates don't rally behind him, so it's up to Nate to win the game.

You Need to Take a Step Back

In probably the most powerful scene in the episode, Nate and Cal square off. 'You need to take a step back, Nate,' demands Cal. Nate only steps closer, then shoves his dad. A struggle ensues and Nate calls his dad a 'faggot'. Nate completely freaks out, smashing his head repeatedly against the floor while screaming in frustration. Cal retreats to his office, clearly spooked by the whole situation. Meanwhile, Maddy found the missing DVD from Cal's desk. Nate had it hidden within the pages of a book. Maddy stole it, brought it home, and watched it.

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"Euphoria" stars: Zendaya; Maude Apatow; Angus Cloud; Alexa Demie; Jacob Elordi; Barbie Ferreria; Nika King; Storm Reid; Hunter Schafer; Algee Smith; Sydney Sweeney, and more!

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