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Is Rim of the World a Real Camp? The Short Answer Is Yes

In the Netflix Film "Rim of the World" the Kids Start Their Adventure at a Campsite That Bears the Same Name.

So is "Rim of the World" a real camp? The short answer is yes, it is a real camp. In fact, it's huge! So big you can see it from space. And like space, it's vast and remote. But is it anything like the movie?

"Rim of the World" stars: Miya Cech, Jack Gore, Alessio Scalzotto and Benjamin Flores Jr. Annabeth Gish, Dean Jagger and Andrew Bachelor also star in this binge-worthy movie from Netflix.

Jack Gore wonders what awaits him at camp in the teen sci-fi action movie Rim of World

Similar, But Without the Attacking Aliens...

The "Rim of the World Recreation and Park District", as it's known, is 110 square miles of a different kind of space. That's 53,240 American football fields worth of beauty and nature (thank you Algebra.com for helping with the math).

Screenwriter Zack Stentz (he wrote "X-Men: First Class", and "Thor") credits the camp for inspiring his script. Why, though? It's in the middle of no where. And what about the aliens?

What Would Happen If...

Stentz had a lightbulb moment when he was dropping off one of his children at the camp.

When we were driving there I was thinking that kids today don’t have the unstructured time that kids from 30 years ago had. I love movies from that time — E.T. , The Goonies, Stand by Me — where there were no cell phones and kids in those movies were left to their own devices. When we got there, I thought ‘What if kids at a modern summer camp were suddenly left without modern technology and the city below their idyllic camp was a war zone of sorts? How would they survive, what would they do?’

Alessio Scalzotto, Jack Gore, Miyah Cech & Benjamin Flores Jr. in the teen sci-fi action movie Rim of World

Better Safe Than Sorry...

So, although "Rim of the World" is a real camp, our understanding is that no aliens are expected there this summer. We we did check. The result, then, clearly means that there are plenty of things to do that don't involve running for your life or saving the world (no guarantees). Check out the real park's website here.

And please, if you go, don't forget the kids. If there is an alien invasion my son would be the first to launch a counter attack. Not just because I pushed him out the door and hid under the stairs. No, it's because all of his (Fortnite) training would undoubtedly help us all.

Yeah, your kid is the same. I know.

I mean, isn't that what Fortnite is about? Helping others while saving us all from an attack? At least that's what he's been telling me.

  • Nick Runyeard
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