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Bodyguard (2018)

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series & technical details


drama / romance / thriller








approx. 57 mins /episode


362 binge minutes (se.1)


16 : 9 HD


Stereo / Dolby Digital




RED Weapon 8K S35



business details


World Productions


BBC One / Netflix


26 Aug. 2018 (ep.1)
27 Aug. 2018 (ep.2)
2 Sep. 2018 (ep.3)
9 Sep. 2018 (ep.4)
16 Sep. 2018 (ep.5)
23 Sep. 2018 (ep.6)
24 Oct. 2018 (all episodes Netflix)



worth noting


- originally released in the UK before Netflix acquired the rights
- averaged 15M viewers per episode (BBC)


- 🏆 NOMINATED, Golden Globes (2019)
Best Television Series - Drama

- 🏆 NOMINATED, Golden Globes (2019)
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama
Richard Madden (in the role of David Budd)

series outline

Bodyguard poster smallSet in and around the corridors of power, Bodyguard tells the fictional story of David Budd (Richard Madden), a heroic, but volatile war veteran now working as a Specialist Protection Officer for the Royalty and Specialist Branch (RasP) of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. When he is assigned to protect the ambitious and powerful Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), Budd finds himself torn between his duty and his beliefs. Responsible for her safety, could he become her biggest threat?

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the binge brief & the 88-second (or less) 8FLiX review:

Bodyguard is a 6-episode series, produced by World Productions, for BBC OneNetflix.


Bodyguard's original airing on BBC One in the United Kingdom garnered a massive audience. Around 15 million people, on average, tuned in to each episode (as a comparison, Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles was seen 20 million times in the first 7 yea, that's a lot).


Bodyguard, the complete first season, currently streams globally on Netflix (except IE and GB) and is also available for download from iTunes.


The spoken language is English (British), with alternate audio-dubbing and subtitle languages available in French, Spanish, German and Italian. It may be a good idea to check local listings for more available language options (you may need the English subtitles to understand some local British dialect).


Bodyguard is rated TV-MA. There are situations and themes that may not be suitable for children under 17. IMAO, the rating could be TV-14. There is brief nudity, some mild sexual situations, and some bloody violence. But nothing your older-teen couldn't handle.


Bodyguard, in short, is about a former British soldier suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - and perhaps some sympathies toward Islam - whose post-combat job finds him as a bodyguard with the Metropolitan Police in London.


Bodyguard Police Sgt. David Budd, not only has a cool name and the right "skills" to guard bodies, but also a pretty good, albeit scarred, body himself! We get to see both several times throughout the 6-episode series as he kicks ass, and gets some as well.


And that seems to be a little bit of an issue with Budd's bosses, especially when things become FUBAR not too long after he takes on his new role guarding the attractive, and recently divorced, Julia Montague; aka the Home Secretary (a powerful, prestigious and important role in British Government).


Sgt. Budd may be getting a little too close for the comfort of national security and MI:5 (the scary dudes who have equally scary power that we know very little about). Loyalties are divided, and the plot thickens as the series moves forward. Trust isn't in anyone's vocabulary.


There's a little something for everyone in Bodyguard. There's action, gun fights, explosions, blood splatters and of course romance.....with a little lust thrown in for good measure.


Bodyguard is intense, and things happen that will surprise you. There are a lot of unexpected twists, which I personally like in thrillers that have familiar stories. There's nothing worse than knowing what's going to happen next because you've "seen it all before." Fear not, fellow bingers, Bodyguard is devoid of most of that.


The story (it's not a remake, it's just "familiar") will keep your interest. The main characters are serious and have some substance to them. Budd, for example, chooses not to recognize his mental illness for fear that he'll be stripped of his job. His PTSD as also caused a riff between he and his wife, leaving their two children in the middle. Their son, Charlie, has a learning disability which Budd also seems to not want to address immediately.


Casting is terrific. Richard Madden, who plays the "bullet-stopper" David Budd, was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his performance. In fact, the series itself was also nominated in the Best Drama category.


At six episodes and a little more than six hours in length, this is a binge you can manage on a single day over a weekend, or two nights after work during the week. You can watch it alone, but your significant other will also appreciate this show.


I did the Bodyguard binge (alone) in a day. It was fun (the show, not being alone), so I binged it again over two days while writing these pages. As I've said before, I don't waste my time watching crap. So if it's worth watching, I write about it here and on


Looking forward to a second season (and not being alone), I remain...


Happy bingeing! 🍿 - Nick Runyeard


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Bodyguard stars Richard Madden; Sophie Rundle; Vincent Franklin; Ash Tandon; Gina McKee; Pippa Haywood; Stuart Bowman; Richard Riddell; Paul Ready; Nicholas Gleaves; Nick Robinson; Nina Toussaint-White; Bella Padden; Matthew Stagg; Anjli Mohindra; Martha Kearney; Sophie Raworth; Justin Webb; Keeley Hawes; Matt Stokoe; Daniel Moore; Tom Brooke; Michael Shaeffer, and more!

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