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The Fosters (2013 - 2018)

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who's in the tv series The Fosters?

...a look at the main credited cast

Teri Polo's primary photo Teri Polo – Stef Adams Foster

Sherri Saum's primary photo Sherri Saum – Lena Adams Foster

Hayden Byerly's primary photo Hayden Byerly – Jude Adams Foster

David Lambert's primary photo David Lambert– Brandon Foster

Maia Mitchell's primary photo Maia Mitchell – Callie Adams Foster

Cierra Ramirez's primary photo Cierra Ramirez – Mariana Adams Foster

Danny Nucci's primary photo Danny Nucci – Mike Foster

Amanda Leighton's primary photo Amanda Leighton – Emma Kurtzman

Noah Centineo's primary photo Noah Centineo – Jesus Adams Foster

Jake T. Austin's primary photo Jake T. Austin – Jesus Adams Foster

Jordan Rodrigues's primary photo Jordan Rodrigues – Mat Tan

Alexandra Barreto's primary photo Alexandra Barreto – Ana Gutierrez

Tom Williamson's primary photo Tom Williamson – AJ Hensdale

Annika Marks's primary photo Annika Marks – Monte Porter

Daffany McGaray Clark's primary photo Daffany McGaray Clark – Daphne Keene

Tyler Alvarez's primary photo Tyler Alvarez – Declan Rivers

Tanner Buchanan's primary photo Tanner Buchanan – Jack Downey

Adam Irigoyen's primary photo Adam Irigoyen – Kyle Snow

Alex Saxon's primary photo Alex Saxon – Wyatt

Gavin MacIntosh's primary photo Gavin MacIntosh – Connor Stevens

Elliot Fletcher's primary photo Elliot Fletcher – Aaron Baker

Denyse Tontz's primary photo Denyse Tontz – Cortney Strathmore

Izabela Vidovic's primary photo Izabela Vidovic – Taylor Shaw

Meg DeLacy's primary photo Meg DeLacy – Grace Mullen

Brandon Quinn's primary photo Brandon Quinn – Gabe Duncroft

Kerr Smith's primary photo Kerr Smith – Robert Quinn

Jay Ali's primary photo Jay Ali – Timothy

Louis Hunter's primary photo Louis Hunter – Nick Stratos

Kalama Epstein's primary photo Kalama Epstein – Noah

Lisseth Chavez's primary photo Lisseth Chavez – Ximena Sinfuego

Ashley Argota's primary photo Ashley Argota – Lucy 'Lou' Chan

Rosie O'Donnell's primary photo Rosie O'Donnell – Rita Hendricks

Bianca A. Santos's primary photo Bianca A. Santos – Lexi Rivera

Tom Phelan's primary photo Tom Phelan – Cole

Madison Pettis's primary photo Madison Pettis – Daria

The Adams Foster family together for the last time in season 5, episode 22 of The Fosters

The Adams Foster family in season 5, episode 22 of The Fosters. (Source: Freeform TV)

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the key crew of The Fosters

it takes hundreds of creative people and thousands of hours to make something like The Fosters.  this is only a partial list of those talented people

|series directed by

Joanna Johnson
Peter Paige
Norman Buckley
Elodie Keene
Rob Morrow
Lee Rose
Martha Mitchell
Aprill Winney
Melanie Mayron
Ron Lagomarsino
Zetna Fuentes
Chandra Wilson
Bradley Bredeweg
Kelli Williams
Michael Medico
Laura Nisbet
James Hayman
Joanna Kerns
Millicent Shelton
Timothy Busfield
Daisy von Scherler Mayer
Kees Van Oostrum
Anne Renton
Jeff Melman
David Paymer
Bethany Rooney
Michael Grossman
Nzingha Stewart
Jay Karas
Charlie Stratton
Jann Turner
Velvet Andrews-Smith
Silas Howard
Rich Newey
Tate Donovan
Susan Flannery
Lily Mariye
Danny Nucci
Cheryl Dunye

|series writing credits

Bradley Bredeweg
Peter Paige
Marissa Jo Cerar
Thomas Higgins
Kris Q. Rehl
Anne Meredith
Cristian Martinez
Joanna Johnson
Megan Lynn
Wade Solomon
Tamara P. Carter
Kelly Fullerton
Dan Richter
Zoila A. Galeano
David Ehrman
Paul Sciarrotta
Michael MacLennan
Constance M. Burge
Kathleen McGhee-Anderson
Lois Johnson
Kimberly Ndombe

|series produced by

Joanna Johnson - executive producer
Greg Gugliotta - executive producer
Jennifer Lopez - executive producer
Bradley Bredeweg - executive producer
Peter Paige - executive producer
Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas - executive producer
Christine A. Sacani - co-executive producer
Benny Medina - executive producer
Gillian Sonnier - co-producer
Priscilla Porianda - co-producer
Megan Lynn - co-executive producer
Wade Solomon - co-executive producer
Trey Coscia - co-producer
David Hartle - producer
Constance M. Burge - consulting producer
Danielle Corches - associate producer
Michael MacLennan - co-executive producer
David Ehrman - co-executive producer
John Ziffren - executive producer
Paul Sciarrotta - producer
Kyle Christensen - associate producer
Simon Fields - executive producer
Denise Pleune - associate producer
Mark Benton Johnson - producer
Brian Schornak - co-producer
Kathleen McGhee-Anderson - consulting producer

|series music by

Alec Puro
Michael Brook

|series cinematography by

Kees Van Oostrum
Lowell Peterson
Robert Draper
Checco Varese
Rodney Charters

|series editing by

Sharon Silverman
Debra Weinstein
Kristin Windell
Michael Jablow
Adam K. Tiller
Meghan Robertson

The Fosters Logo

The Fosters stars Teri Polo; Sherri Saum; Hayden Byerly; David Lambert; Maia Mitchell; Cierra Ramirez; Danny Nucci; Amanda Leighton; Noah Centineo; Jake T. Austin; Jordan Rodrigues; Alexandra Barreto; Tom Williamson; Annika Marks; Daffany McGaray Clark; Alex Saxon; Gavin MacIntosh; Elliot Fletcher, and more!

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