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who's in the tv series The Haunting of Hill House?

...a look at the main credited cast

Mckenna Grace's primary photo Mckenna Grace – Young Theo

Carla Gugino's primary photo Carla Gugino – Olivia

Michiel Huisman's primary photo Michiel Huisman – Steven Crain

Timothy Hutton's primary photo Timothy Hutton – Hugh Crane

Violet McGraw's primary photo Violet McGraw – Young Nell

Victoria Pedretti's primary photo Victoria Pedretti – Nell Crain

Henry Thomas's primary photo Henry Thomas – Young Hugh Crain

Lulu Wilson's primary photo Lulu Wilson – Young Shirley

Julian Hilliard's primary photo Julian Hilliard – Young Luke

Oliver Jackson-Cohen's primary photo Oliver Jackson-Cohen – Luke Crain

Elizabeth Reaser's primary photo Elizabeth Reaser – Shirley Crain

Kate Siegel's primary photo Kate Siegel – Theodora Crain

Paxton Singleton's primary photo Paxton Singleton – Young Steven

Samantha Sloyan's primary photo Samantha Sloyan – Leigh

Robert Longstreet's primary photo Robert Longstreet – Mr. Dudley

Olive Elise Abercrombie's primary photo Olive Elise Abercrombie – Abigail

May Badr's primary photo May Badr – Allie Harris

Elizabeth Becka's primary photo Elizabeth Becka – Aunt Janet

Catherine Parker's primary photo Catherine Parker – Poppy Hill

Fedor Steer's primary photoFedor Steer – Bowler Hat Man

Levy Tran's primary photo Levy Tran – Trish

Jordane Christie's primary photo Jordane Christie – Arthur

Annabeth Gish's primary photo Annabeth Gish – Mrs. Dudley

Jeremy Ambler's primary photo Jeremy Ambler – House Ghost

Keith Arthur Bolden's primary photo Keith Arthur Bolden – Sheriff Beckley

Katie Carpenter's primary photo Katie Carpenter – Stacey

Anna Enger's primary photo Anna Enger – Joey

James Flanagan's primary photo James Flanagan – Funeral Director

Brittany Godfrey's primary photo Brittany Godfrey – Andi

Logan Medina's primary photo Logan Medina – Jayden Harris

Timothy Hutton as Hugh Crain, Elizabeth Reaser as Shirley Crain, Victoria Pedretti as Nell Crain, Kate Siegel as Theodora Crain & Carla Gugino as Olivia in season 1, episode 5, of The Haunting of Hill House

Timothy Hutton as Hugh Crain, Elizabeth Reaser as Shirley Crain, Victoria Pedretti as Nell Crain, Kate Siegel as Theodora Crain & Carla Gugino as Olivia in season 1, episode 5, of The Haunting of Hill House. (Source: Netflix)

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the key crew of The Haunting of Hill House

it takes hundreds of creative people and thousands of hours to make something like The Haunting of Hill House.  this is only a partial list of those talented people


Mike Flanagan


Mike Flanagan
Shirley Jackson
Meredith Averill


Meredith Averill - executive producer
Scott Kosar - supervising producer
Brian Sherwin - associate producer
Jeff Howard - supervising producer
Mike Flanagan - executive producer
Dan Kaplow - producer
Justin Falvey - executive producer
Darryl Frank - executive producer
Trevor Macy - executive producer


The Newton Brothers


Michael Fimognari


Jim Flynn
Brian Jeremiah Smith
Ravi Subramanian


Tara Feldstein
Anne McCarthy
Chase Paris

|production design

Patricio M. Farrell

|art direction

Heather R. Dumas
Hugo Santiago

|makeup department

Giancarlo Brajdic - special makeup effects artist
Robert Kurtzman - makeup effects department head
Greg McDougall - special effects makeup: sculptor
Evelyn Roach - hair stylist
John Tarro - hair department head
Jillian Erickson - makeup artist
Erica Kyker - makeup artist
Lance Aldredge - hair stylist

The Haunting of Hill House logo

The Haunting of Hill House stars Mckenna Grace; Carla Gugino; Michiel Huisman; Timothy Hutton; Violet McGraw; Victoria Pedretti; Henry Thomas; Lulu Wilson; Julian Hilliard; Oliver Jackson-Cohen; Elizabeth Reaser; Kate Siegel; Paxton Singleton; Samantha Sloyan; Robert Longstreet; Olive Elise Abercrombie; May Badr; Elizabeth Becka; James Lafferty; Catherine Parker, and more!

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