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November 13: Attack on Paris (2018)

  episode script

season 1 - episode 2

"Part 2"

Created, Written & Directed by

Gédéon Naudet & Jules Naudet

S01-Ep.02: "Part 2"

Inside the packed Bataclan theatre, concertgoers suddenly find themselves caught in a harrowing scene and seek refuge wherever they can.

NOTE: This is a transcription of the spoken dialogue and audio, with time-code reference, provided without cost for your entertainment, convenience, and study.  This version may not be exactly as written in the original script; however, the intellectual property is still reserved by the original source and may be subject to copyright.




November 13: Attack on Paris features Many Survivors; Denis Safran; Philippe Boutinaud; Bernard Cazeneuve; Anne Hidalgo; François Hollande, and more!

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