November 13 Attack in Paris Review

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November 13: Attack on Paris (2018)

 cast & crew

who's in the documentary-series November 13?

...a look at whose stories are told

Barouyr's primary photo Barouyr – Himself, Witness

Benoit's primary photo Benoit – Himself, Witness

Philippe Boutinaud's primary photo Philippe Boutinaud – Himself, Commander Paris Fire Brigade

Stanislas's primary photo Stanislas – Himself, Firefighter - Stade de France

Bernard Cazeneuve's primary photo Bernard Cazeneuve – Himself, Interior Minister

Christophe's primary photo Christophe – Himself, Firefighter

David's primary photo David – Himself, Witness

Florian's primary photo Florian – Himself, Witness

Anne Hidalgo's primary photo Anne Hidalgo – Herself, Mayor of Paris

François Hollande's primary photo François Hollande – Himself, President of France

Jean-Luc's primary photo Jean-Luc – Himself, Witness

Jimmy's primary photo Jimmy – Himself, Firefighter

Jérôme's primary photo Jérôme – Himself, Firefighter (Call Center)

Line's primary photo Line – Herself, Rookie Firefighter

Bley Bilal Mokono's primary photo Bley Bilal Mokono – Himself, Witness

Christophe Molmy's primary photo Christophe Molmy – Himself, Chief of BRI

Nina's primary photo Nina – Herself, Witness

Grégory Reibenberg's primary photo Grégory Reibenberg – Himself, Owner - La Belle Equipe

Salim Toorabally's primary photo Salim Toorabally – Himself, Stade de France Security Guard

Vincent's primary photo Vincent – Himself, Witness

Arnaud's primary photo Arnaud, Himself - Bataclan Hostage

Audrey's primary photo Audrey – Herself, Bataclan Hostage

Caroline's primary photoCaroline – Herself, Bataclan Hostage

Cyril's primary photo Cyril – Himself, Bataclan Hostage

David's primary photo David – Himself, Bataclan Hostage

Emilie's primary photo Emilie – Herself, Bataclan Hostage

Gregory's primary photo Gregory – Himself, Bataclan Hostage

Marie's primary photo Marie – Herself, Bataclan Hostage

Nicolas's primary photo Nicolas – Himself, Bataclan Hostage

Stephane's primary photo Stephane – Himself, Bataclan Hostage

Valarie's primary photo Valarie – Herself, Bataclan Hostage

Yann's primary photo Yann – Himself, Bataclan Hostage

Denis Safran's primary photo Denis Safran – Doctor, BRI

Grégory Reibenberg lost his wife during the attacks in Paris. Episode 1 of the 3-part docuseries November 13: Attack on Paris

Grégory Reibenberg lost his wife during the attacks in Paris. Here, he tearfully reads a letter written by his daughter. Episode 1 of the 3-part docuseries November 13: Attack on Paris. (Source: Netflix)

November 13 Attack on Paris logo

the key crew of November 13: Attack on Paris

it takes hundreds of creative people and thousands of hours to make something like November 13.  this is only a partial list of those talented people


Gédéon Naudet
Jules Naudet


Gédéon Naudet
Jules Naudet
Morgane Barrier
Karim Kamrani
Christine Loiseau


Erik Barmack - producer
Paul Barrois - executive producer
Jennifer D. Breslow - producer
Damien Couvreur - producer
Marie Drucker - assistant producer
Cyrus Farrokh - associate producer
Gédéon Naudet - executive producer
Jules Naudet - executive producer
Howard Owens - producer
Ben Silverman - producer
Isabel San Vargas - associate producer
Howard T. Owens - producer


Nathaniel Méchaly


Cyril Bron
Isabelle Razavet


Margot Dumont
Fabrice Rouaud
Guillaume Saignol
Frédéric Tonolli
Elif Uluengin

|make up

Nadia Courtaillier

|sound department

Jérémy Barrault - sound recordist
Ary Carpman - sound designer
Charlotte Désert - sound supervisor
Franck Marchal - supervising sound editor
Alexandre Poirier - supervising sound editor
Laurent Rodriguez - sound recordist
Arthaud Versaveaud - dialogue editor

|camera & electrical department

Victor Blondel - assistant camera
Tristan de La Selle - assistant camera
Farid Karioty - assistant camera
Marianne Lamour - electrician
Thomas Lamouroux - grip
Loup Lebreton - assistant camera
Johan Lecomte - grip
Cyrill Renaud - camera operator

November 13 Attack on Paris logo

November 13: Attack on Paris features Denis Safran; Barouyr; Benoit; Philippe Boutinaud; Bernard Cazeneuve; Christophe; David; Florian; Anne Hidalgo; François Hollande; Jean-Luc; Jimmy; Jérôme; Line; Bley Bilal Mokono; Christophe Molmy; Nina; Grégory Reibenberg; Stanislas; Salim Toorabally; Vincent; Arnaud; Caroline; Cyril; Gregory; Marie; Stephane; Valerie; Yann, and more!

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