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who's in the tv series Atypical?

...a look at the main credited cast

Jennifer Jason Leigh's primary photo Jennifer Jason Leigh – Elsa Gardner

Keir Gilchrist's primary photo Keir Gilchrist – Sam Gardner

Brigette Lundy-Paine's primary photo Brigette Lundy-Paine – Casey Gardner

Michael Rapaport's primary photo Michael Rapaport – Doug Gardner

Amy Okuda's primary photo Amy Okuda – Julia Sasaki

 Graham Rogers – Evan Chapin

Nik Dodani's primary photo Nik Dodani – Zahid

Jenna Boyd's primary photo Jenna Boyd – Paige

Raúl Castillo's primary photo Raúl Castillo – Nick

Nina Ameri's primary photo Nina Ameri – Luisa

Fivel Stewart's primary photo Fivel Stewart – Izzie

Ariela Barer's primary photo Ariela Barer – Bailey Bennett

Graham Phillips's primary photo Graham Phillips – Nate

Kevin L. Johnson's primary photo Michelle Farrah Huang – Tanya

Michelle Farrah Huang's primary photo Rachel Redleaf – Beth

Christina Offley's primary photo Christina Offley – Sharice

Angel Laketa Moore's primary photo Angel Laketa Moore – Megan

Wendy Braun's primary photo Wendy Braun – Kathy

Kevin Daniels's primary photo Kevin Daniels – Coach Briggs

Casey Wilson's primary photo Casey Wilson – Ms. Whitaker

Nicole Zyana's primary photo Nicole Zyana – Penelope

Michael Rady's primary photo Michael Rady – Miles

Anthony Jacques's primary photo Anthony Jacques – Christopher

Britney Ortiz's primary photo Britney Ortiz – J.J.

Karl T. Wright's primary photo Karl T. Wright – Chuck

Annie Mebane's primary photo Annie Mebane – Lauren

Nikki Gutman's primary photo Nikki Gutman – Lily

Jeffrey Rosenthal 's primary photo Jeffrey Rosenthal – Bob

Jeremiah Birkett's primary photo Jeremiah Birkett – Officer Timms

Major Curda's primary photo Major Curda – Arlo

Sandra Rosko's primary photo Sandra Rosko – Police Officer

Andrew Secunda's primary photo Andrew Secunda – Pharmacy Clerk

Megan Easton's primary photo Megan Easton – Riley

Marisa Davila's primary photo Marisa Davila – Madison Gold

Amy Hessler's primary photo Amy Hessler – Chloe

Kue Lawrence's primary photo Kue Lawrence – 4 Year Old Sam

Nakia Burrise's primary photo Nakia Burrise – April

Behind the scenes of Atypical, season 1.

Behind the scenes of Atypical, season 1. (Source: Erica Parise/Netflix)

Atypical logo

the key crew of Atypical

it takes hundreds of creative people and thousands of hours to make something like Atypical.  this is only a partial list of those talented people


Michael Patrick Jann
Joe Kessler
Seth Gordon
Ryan Case
Silver Tree
Pete Chatmon
Geeta Patel
Wendey Stanzler
Pam Thomas


Robia Rashid
D.J. Ryan
Bob Smiley
Michael Oppenhuizen
Jen Regan
Dennis Saldua
Ava Tramer
Annabel Oakes
Brian Tanen
Andrew James
Theresa Mulligan


Seth Gordon - executive producer
Jennifer Jason Leigh - producer
Robia Rashid - executive producer
Mary Rohlich - executive producer
Annabel Oakes - co-producer
Kymberly Pereira - co-producer
Moses Port - consulting producer
Brian Tanen - co-executive producer
Matt Tarses - consulting producer
Joanne Toll - producer
Jill Danton - producer


Dan Romer


Joe Kessler
Greg Daniels


Rebekah Fridman
David Codron
Sandra Montiel
Thomas M. Bolger
David Helfand


Tiffany Little Canfield
Josh Einsohn
Bernard Telsey

|production designer

Joseph P. Lucky

|art director

William J. Dirrell Jr.

|costume designer

Mojdeh Daftary

|makeup department

Christi Cagle - co-department head hair stylist / key hair stylist
Lori Guidroz - hair department head
Heba Thorisdottir - makeup department head
Fernando Santaella Navarro - hair stylist
Glen P. Griffin - special makeup effects artist
Bryn E. Leetch - hair stylist
Cassie Lyons - assistant makeup artist
Gina Nicole Maceri - makeup department head
Chelsea Orduno - makeup artist
Phyllis Williams - key makeup artist


Atypical logo

Atypical stars Jennifer Jason Leigh; Keir Gilchrist; Brigette Lundy-Paine; Michael Rapaport; Amy Okuda, Nik Dodani; Jenna Boyd; Raúl Castillo; Nina Ameri; Fivel Stewart; Ariela Barer; Graham Phillips; Michelle Farrah Huang; Rachel Redleaf; Christina Offley; Angel Laketa Moore; Wendy Braun; Kevin Daniels; Casey Wilson, and more!

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