13 Reasons Why episode script
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13 Reasons Why (2017)

  episode script

season 2 - episode 3

"The Drunk Slut"

Created by

Brian Yorkey

Written by

Brian Yorkey
Jay Asher (Book)
Marissa Jo Cerar

Directed by

Karen Moncrieff

S02-Ep.03: "The Drunk Slut"

Worried about threats against them, Alex and Clay urge Jessica to testify about Bryce. Clay enlists Tony's help to find a potential witness.

NOTE: This is a transcription of the spoken dialogue and audio, with time-code reference, provided without cost for your entertainment, convenience, and study.  This version may not be exactly as written in the original script; however, the intellectual property is still reserved by the original source and may be subject to copyright.


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13 Reasons Why stars Dylan Minnette; Katherine Langford; Christian Navarro; Alisha Boe; Brandon Flynn; Justin Prentice; Miles Heizer; Ross Butler; Devin Druid; Amy Hargreaves; Derek Luke; Kate Walsh; Timothy Granaderos; Michele Selene Ang; Steven Silver; Bryce Cass; Tommy Dorfman; Ajiona Alexus; Josh Hamilton, and more!

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