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Seven Seconds (2018)

 cast & crew

who's in the tv series Seven Seconds?

...a look at the main credited cast

Clare-Hope Ashitey's primary photo Clare-Hope Ashitey – KJ Harper

Michael Mosley's primary photo Michael Mosley – Joe 'Fish' Rinaldi

David Lyons's primary photo David Lyons – Mike DiAngelo

Russell Hornsby's primary photo Russell Hornsby – Isaiah Butler

Raúl Castillo's primary photo Raúl Castillo – Felix Osorio

Patrick Murney's primary photo Patrick Murney – Manny Wilcox

Zackary Momoh's primary photo Zackary Momoh – Seth Butler

Michelle Veintimilla's primary photo Michelle Veintimilla – Marie Jablonski

Beau Knapp's primary photo Beau Knapp – Peter Jablonski

Regina King's primary photo Regina King – Latrice Butler

Nadia Alexander's primary photo Nadia Alexander – Nadine

Jeremy Davidson's primary photo Jeremy Davidson – James Connelly

Coley Speaks's primary photo Coley Speaks – Vontrell 'Messiah' Odoms

Adriana DeMeo's primary photo Adriana DeMeo – Teresa

Corey Champagne's primary photo Corey Champagne – Kadeuce Porter

Lesli Margherita's primary photo Lesli Margherita – Crystal Diangelo

Rachel Navarro's primary photo Rachel Navarro – Hennesy's Assistant

Justina Adorno's primary photo Justina Adorno – Jasmine

Melanie Nicholls-King's primary photo Melanie Nicholls-King – Marcelle

Robert Turano's primary photo Robert Turano – Howard

Ron Canada's primary photo Ron Canada – Pastor Adler

Fredric Lehne's primary photo Fredric Lehne – Peter Jablonski, Sr.

Sawyer Niehaus's primary photo Sawyer Niehaus – Maggie Rinaldi

Gamze Ceylan's primary photo Gamze Ceylan – Dr. Sayegh

Bill Buell's primary photo Bill Buell – Mac Dorsey

Daykwon Gaines's primary photo Daykwon Gaines – Brenton Butler

Shari Abdul's primary photo Shari Abdul – Janie

Kerry Flanagan's primary photo Kerry Flanagan – Sgt. Annie Yates

Christian Barber's primary photo Christian Barber – Cole Williams

Anastasia Barzee's primary photo Anastasia Barzee – Evelyn McAllister

James Chen's primary photo James Chen – Franklin Lee

Jeffrey Farber's primary photo Jeffrey Farber – Juror #1 Foreman

Brian O'Neill's primary photo Brian O'Neill – Judge Robert P. Dolan

Heather Simms's primary photo Heather Simms – Elle Guest Star

David Zayas's primary photo David Zayas – Medina

Count Stovall's primary photo Count Stovall – Pastor Phelps

Rachel Resheff's primary photo Rachel Resheff – Megan Connelly

Lucy Owen's primary photo Lucy Owen – Mrs. Connelly

Kyle Sutton's primary photo Kyle Sutton – Ryan Connelly

Lee Shepherd's primary photo Lee Shepherd – Judge Blatt

Guiesseppe Jones's primary photo Guiesseppe Jones – Judge Lenox

Amanda Mikhail's primary photo Amanda Mikhail – Chloe

Joel Van Liew's primary photo Joel Van Liew – Mr. Deakins

Coy DeLuca's primary photo Coy DeLuca – Impound Tech

Kevin Anton's primary photo Kevin Anton – Hank Rossi

J. Cameron Barnett's primary photo J. Cameron Barnett – Junkie

Tommy Bayiokos's primary photo Tommy Bayiokos – JCP Officer Lewis

Alexander Blaise's primary photo Alexander Blaise – Nadine's Father

Justin Blake's primary photo Justin Blake – Undercover JCPD

Craig Bockhorn's primary photo Craig Bockhorn – Judge Steven Lafferty

Joshua Boone's primary photo Joshua Boone – Khalil

Natalie Carter's primary photo Natalie Carter – Sister

Jerry DiLeo's primary photo Jerry DiLeo – Jersey City Police

Todd Faulkner's primary photo Todd Faulkner – Store Manager

Adam Feingold's primary photo Adam Feingold – Uniform Cop

Sydney James Harcourt's primary photo Sydney James Harcourt – Public Defender

Clark Johnson's primary photo Clark Johnson – KJ's Father

Chester Jones III's primary photo Chester Jones III – Neighborhood Guy

Qurrat Ann Kadwani's primary photo Qurrat Ann Kadwani – Newscaster

Carli Katz's primary photo Carli Katz – Teen Bowler

Bethany Kay's primary photo Bethany Kay – Bartender

Geraldine Leer's primary photo Geraldine Leer – Nurse

Lou Martini Jr.'s primary photo Lou Martini Jr. – Barry Piumetti

Mike Massimino's primary photo Mike Massimino – Freddy

Patrick Noonan's primary photo Patrick Noonan – Desk Sergeant

Garry Pastore's primary photo Garry Pastore – Detective Partega

Matthew Rauch's primary photo Matthew Rauch – Jay Sterling

Deborah Rayne's primary photo Deborah Rayne – Bailiff

Wilben Roche's primary photo Wilben Roche – Thickness

Frank Rodriguez's primary photo Frank Rodriguez – Judge Javier Mendoza

Jay Russell's primary photo Jay Russell – Medical Examiner

Kacie Sheik's primary photo Kacie Sheik – Cindy

Mihran Slougian's primary photo Mihran Slougian – Shift Supervisor

Sophia Smith's primary photo Sophia Smith – Lawyer

Bisserat Tseggai's primary photo Bisserat Tseggai – Peaches Tally

Barrington Walters Jr.'s primary photo Barrington Walters Jr. – Teddy

Keona Welch's primary photo Keona Welch – Sonja Harper

Hope Olaide Wilson's primary photo Hope Olaide Wilson – Aisha Harper

Eric Focused Wright's primary photo Eric Focused Wright – Reginald Dukes

Malik Yoba's primary photo Malik Yoba – Wes

Erick Zamora's primary photo Erick Zamora – Sketch Artist

Regina King & Russell Hornsby in season 1, episode 9 of Seven Seconds.

Regina King & Russell Hornsby in season 1, episode 9 of Seven Seconds. (Source: Netflix)

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the key crew of Seven Seconds

it takes hundreds of creative people and thousands of hours to make something like Seven Seconds.  this is only a partial list of those talented people


Ed Bianchi - Director
Jon Amiel - Director
Daniel Attias - Director
Jonathan Demme - Director
Ernest R. Dickerson - Director
Coky Giedroyc - Director
Tanya Hamilton - Director
Victoria Mahoney - Director
Gavin O'Connor - Director


Evangeline Ordaz - Writer
Rhett Rossi - Writer
Francesca Sloane - Writer
Veena Sud - Writer (created by)
John Lopez - Writer
J. David Shanks - Writer
Yuriy Bykov - Writer (original screenplay)
Shalisha Francis - Writer
Dan Nowak - Writer


Aleksey Ageyev - Co-Producer
Mando Alvarado - Co-Producer
Lawrence Bender - Executive Producer
Kevin Kelly Brown - Executive Producer
Jonathan Filley - Producer
Shalisha Francis - Supervising Producer
Shana Fischer Huber - Co-Producer
Dan Nowak - Co-Executive Producer
Gavin O'Connor - Executive Producer
Alex Reznik - Executive Producer
Veena Sud - Executive Producer
Zaur Bolotaev - Consulting Producer



Bobby Krlic


Yaron Orbach


Joel T. Pashby
Phil Fowler
Rosanne Tan

|production designer

Kalina Ivanov

|art director

Alison Ford

|set decorator

Lydia Marks

|costume designer

Abigail Murray


Seven Seconds Logo

Seven Seconds stars Clare-Hope Ashitey; Michael Mosley; David Lyons; Beau Knapp; Regina King; Russell Hornsby; Raúl Castillo; Patrick Murney; Zackary Momoh; Michelle Veintimilla; Nadia Alexander; Jeremy Davidson; Coley Speaks; Adriana DeMeo; Corey Champagne, and more!

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