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the cast of the show Dark have diverse and extensive backgrounds. here are the bios of the key people

Oliver Masucci in season 1, episode 8 of Dark.

Oliver Masucci as "Ulrich Nielsen"

Oliver Masucci has been among the most sought-after German actors since his breakout 2015 role as Adolf Hitler in David Wnendt’s successful film adaptation of the best-selling novel Look Who’s Back. This role also earned him a nomination for Best Actor at the German Film Awards. Born in 1968, the actor has since garnered attention in Philipp Stölzl’s lavish three-part TV film Winnetou and in the highly acclaimed TV series 4 Blocks, which was just recently awarded four German Television Academy Awards. Masucci also appeared in Sherry Hormann’s two-part political thriller Tödliche Geheimnisse. He has completed a major role in the new film by Oscar-winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Werk ohne Autor, which will be coming to German theaters in 2018. He currently has a lead role in Subs, the new movie directed by Oskar Roehler.

Prior to this, the Stuttgart-born actor primarily made his name in live theater. He became known on TV in 2004 with the role of Ares de Saintclair in Blood of the Templars, which received high ratings. The short film The Red Jacket by Florian Baxmeyer won a Student Academy Award.


Masucci’s theatrical career led him from Basel (1995) to the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg playhouse (1996 - 2002), the Munich Kammerspiele theater (2001), the Schauspiel Hannover playhouse (2000 - 2005), the Schauspielhaus Bochum playhouse (2003 - 2005), the Schauspielhaus Zürich playhouse (2005 - 2009), the Salzburg Festival (1999 and 2007), and finally the Vienna Burgtheater. Until 2016, he was a permanent ensemble member at the Burgtheater and starred in celebrated productions there, such as War and Peace, Solaris, Die Ahnfrau and The Trojan Horse .

Louis Hofmann in season 1, episode 6 of Dark.

Louis Hofmann as "Jonas Kahnwald"

Louis Hofmann is one of Germany’s greatest young acting talents; he recently received the German Shooting Star 2017 Award at the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale). He also just recently had a role alongside Matthias Schweighöfer, Alexandra Maria Lara and Karoline Herfurth in the Amazon series You Are Wanted , which was directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and Bernd Jasper. In movie theaters in 2017, Hofmann appeared alongside Moritz Bleibtreu and Lucas Gregorowicz in Christian Zübert's Lommbock . He is also working with Bleibtreu on the second season of Ferdinand von Schirach’s Shades of Guilt. Louis Hofmann received the German Film Awards’ Jaeger-LeCoultre Homage to German Film prize for his terrific performance in the film Land of Mine (2015). He has also won awards in Copenhagen, Tokyo and Beijing.

Born in Cologne in 1997, he gained his first experience in front of the camera at WDR from 2006 to 2008 on the show Servicezeit , which encouraged him to pursue acting as a career. In 2009 he appeared in the series Danni Lowinski . This was followed by roles in Der verlorene Vater and Tod in Istanbul , as well as in the series Wilsberg and Alarm für Cobra 11 . In the following year, he directly landed his first lead role in a feature film, Hermine Huntgeburth’s new adaptation of Tom Sawyer (2011); this was followed by The Adventures of Huck Finn (2012) a year later. Simultaneously, he was cast alongside Benno Fürmann in Vanessa Jopp’s The Almost Perfect Man (2013).

In 2014, Hofmann played the role of Werner Krollmann in the film Das Zeugenhaus, which was based on the novel by Christiane Kohl. Land of Mine, which followed, was his first international film. In Sanctuary (2014), Hofmann starred as a rebellious boy who gets sent to a boarding school. For this performance he received the Bavarian Film Award in the “Best New Actor” category, the “Best Actor” award at the Festival International Du Film de Waterloo and the German Actors’ Award.

Hofmann was recently seen in German theaters alongside Jannik Schümann and Sabine Timoteo in the film adaptation of Andreas Steinhöfel’s novel Center of My World (2016), which was directed by Jakob M. Erwa. On television, he appeared in Das weiße Kaninchen by Florian Schwarz. Filming has just been completed for 1000 Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben (2017) by Isabel Prahl.

Oliver Masucci & Jördis Triebel in season 1, episode 2 of Dark.

Jördis Triebel as "Katharina Nielsen"

Berlin-born Jördis Triebel studied at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her graduation was followed by an engagement at the Theater Bremen. During this time, she had roles in works such as Ibsen’s The Master Builder and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet . She was awarded the prestigious Kurt Hübner Prize after the first season.

Triebel celebrated her film debut in 2006 with a role in Sven Taddicken’s Emma’s Bliss that won multiple awards. For her portrayal of a headstrong pig farmer she received the German Cinema New Talent Award, the Undine Award and a nomination for the German Film Award. In 2007, her role in the television production of Eine gute Mutter (2007) earned her nominations for the Bavarian TV Awards and the Goldene Kamera. This was followed by roles in productions such as the crime series KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst, Max Färberböck’s A Woman in Berlin (2008), Hans-Christoph Blumenberg’s Waiting for Angelina and Sönke Wortmann’s Pope Joan (both in 2009).

Recently, the actress appeared in the theatrical films Wolf Children by Rick Ostermann (2013), My Sisters (2014) and Familienfest (2015) by Lars Kraume and in the TV film The Verdict (2017), as well as Me and Kaminski (2015) by Lars ecker, and in Matthias Glasner’s mini-series Blochin – Die Lebenden und die Toten.

For her role in Christian Schwochow’s West , she won the German Film Award for Best Leading Actress in 2014 and she was awarded Best Actress at the 2013 Montreal World Film Festival. She shined in Sherry Hormann’s Operation Zucker - Jagdgesellschaft and in Christian Zübert’s One Breath , for which she was once again nominated for the German Film Award for Best Actress in 2016. She currently appears in the TV series Babylon Berlin by Tom Tykwer, Hendrik Handloegten and Achim von Borries.

Maja Schöne in season 1, episode 5 of Dark.

Maja Schöne as "Hannah Kahnwald"

Maja Schöne is known to German audiences primarily as Julia Bootz in Tatort Stuttgart, a role she has played 13 times from 2008 through 2015. In addition to this, she also generated buzz with her intense portrayal of a rape victim in The Fire (2011) by Brigitta Maria Bertele; this role earned her a German Actors Award.

After graduating high school, an internship at a small theater in Stuttgart and a directing internship, Maja Schöne decided to become an actress. In 1997 she began studying at the Westphalian Drama School Bochum, finishing in 2001. After completing her studies, she began an engagement at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg playhouse in February 2001. She received the “Young Talent” award from the Friends of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in 2002 for her role in Jan Bosse’s Roberto Zucco . She performed at the Schauspiel Köln playhouse from 2007 to 2009, first as Brunhild in Friedrich Hebbel’s Die Nibelungen.

She received the “Best Actress” award at the North Rhine-Westphalia Theater Festival for this role. She has had an engagement at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg since 2009, and received the Rolf Mares Theater Prize for her portrayal of Nana in Luk Perceval’s Geld.

She celebrated her on-camera debut in 2001 with a role in Isabel Kleefeld’s TV movie Schluss mit lustig! , which was followed by regular work in film and TV. Maja Schöne had her cinematic debut in 2004 in Mark Schlichter’s film Cowgirl alongside Alexandra Maria Lara; this role earned her an Undine Award nomination. In addition to this, she also had film roles in Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family (2008), 1st of May: All Belongs to You (2008) and Summertime Blues (2009). She also appeared in KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst and in the mini-series Blochin – Die Lebenden und die Toten , and she starred in ARD’s two-part Neu in unserer Familie by Stefan Krohmer.

Karoline Eichhorn in season 1, episode 10 of Dark.

Karoline Eichhorn as "Charlotte Doppler"

Karoline Eichhorn shot to fame very quickly in 1995 through her acting tour de force alongside Götz George in Nico Hofmann’s thriller The Sandman . She has since become one of Germany’s busiest actresses, both in film and on TV, but she has also remained true to the theater. Eichhorn had worked with Dark director Baran bo Odar before on his directorial debut, The Silence (2010).

She enjoyed phenomenal cinematic success with Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf (2012), in which she spoke in the Swabian dialect, as she did in the TV series of the same name. Her work in theatrical releases also includes After The Truth (1999) by Roland Suso Richter, A Map Of The Heart (2002) by Dominik Graf, which had a celebrated world premier at the Berlinale competition, Vacation (2007), Du bist nicht allein (2007) by Bernd Böhlich, Ossi’s Eleven (2008) by Oliver Mielke, Summertime Blues (2009) by Marie Reich and In The Shadows (2010) by Thomas Arslan.

Her many TV roles include numerous appearances in Tatort and successful series like Bella Block, Wilsberg, Spreewaldkrimi, SOKO 5113, Flemming, Rosa Roth and Kommissarin Lucas and TV movies like Tod im Internat, Apropos Glück, Jahr des Drachen, Am Kreuzweg and Die Frau, die im Wald verschwand.

Karoline Eichhorn took the examination for her vocational diploma in 1986 and afterward attended the Folkwang Schauspiel Schule school in Essen until 1989. From 1989 to 1995, she had engagements at the playhouse at Lehniner Platz and at the Schauspielhaus Bochum playhouse. She also appeared at the Hamburg Thalia Theater and the Vienna Burgtheater.

Lisa Vicari in season 1, episode 5 of Dark.

Lisa Vicari as "Martha Nielsen"

Munich-born Lisa Vicari became known to audiences in 2010 through her role as Suse in the successful children’s book film adaptation Hanni & Nanni by Christine Hartmann. The year after that, she thrilled audiences in Tim Fehlbaum’s chilling Hell (2011), which earned her a German Cinema New Talent Award nomination and a New Faces Award in 2012.

Following this, Vicari had film roles in Playing Doctor (2014) and Luna's Revenge (2017). On TV, she appeared in series such as Unter Verdacht, SOKO München and Die Chefin , as well as the TV movie Zwei Sturköpfe im Dreivierteltakt. She debuted on Tatort Berlin this year in the episode “Amour Fou”.

who's in the tv series Dark?

...a look at the main credited cast

Oliver Masucci's primary photo Oliver Masucci – Ulrich Nielsen

Karoline Eichhorn's primary photo Karoline Eichhorn – Charlotte Doppler

Jördis Triebel's primary photo Jördis Triebel – Katharina Nielsen

Louis Hofmann's primary photo Louis Hofmann – Jonas Kahnwald

Maja Schöne's primary photo Maja Schöne – Hannah Kahnwald

Stephan Kampwirth's primary photo Stephan Kampwirth – Peter Doppler

Daan Lennard Liebrenz's primary photo Daan Lennard Liebrenz – Mikkel Nielsen

Andreas Pietschmann's primary photo Andreas Pietschmann – The Stranger

Deborah Kaufmann's primary photo Deborah Kaufmann – Regina Tiedemann

Tatja Seibt's primary photo Tatja Seibt – Jana Nielsen

Walter Kreye's primary photo Walter Kreye – Tronte Nielsen

Lisa Vicari's primary photoLisa Vicari – Martha Nielsen

Paul Lux's primary photo Paul Lux – Bartosz Tiedemann

Hermann Beyer's primary photo Hermann Beyer – Helge Doppler

Moritz Jahn's primary photo Moritz Jahn – Magnus Nielsen

Peter Benedict's primary photo Peter Benedict – Aleksander Tiedemann

Christian Steyer's primary photo Christian Steyer – H.G. Tannhaus 1986 / H.G. Tannhaus 1953

Leopold Hornung's primary photo Leopold Hornung – Torben Wöller

Christian Hutcherson's primary photo Christian Hutcherson – Magnus Nielson (English)

Ella Lee's primary photo Ella Lee – Hannah Kahnwald 1986

Ludger Bökelmann's primary photo Ludger Bökelmann – Ulrich Nielsen 1986

Gina Stiebitz's primary photo Gina Stiebitz – Franziska Doppler

Christian Pätzold's primary photo Christian Pätzold – Egon Tiedemann 1986

Anne Ratte-Polle's primary photo Anne Ratte-Polle – Ines Kahnwald 1986

Nele Trebs's primary photo Nele Trebs – Katharina Nielsen 1986

Angela Winkler's primary photo Angela Winkler – Ines Kahnwald

Peter Schneider's primary photo Peter Schneider – Helge Doppler 1986

Mark Waschke's primary photo Mark Waschke – Noah

Lydia Makrides's primary photo Lydia Makrides – Regina Tiedemann 1986

Tom Philipp's primary photo Tom Philipp – Helge Doppler 1953

Carlotta von Falkenhayn's primary photo Carlotta von Falkenhayn – Elisabeth Doppler

Stephanie Amarell's primary photo Stephanie Amarell – Charlotte Doppler 1986

Sebastian Hülk's primary photo Sebastian Hülk – Egon Tiedemann 1953

Julika Jenkins's primary photo Julika Jenkins – Claudia Tiedemann 1986

Anne Lebinsky's primary photo Anne Lebinsky – Jana Nielsen 1986

Arnd Klawitter's primary photo Arnd Klawitter – H.G. Tannhaus 1953

Anatole Taubman's primary photo Anatole Taubman – Bernd Doppler 1953

Felix Kramer's primary photo Felix Kramer – Tronte Nielsen 1986

Cordelia Wege's primary photo Cordelia Wege – Greta Doppler 1953

Luise Heyer's primary photo Luise Heyer – Doris Tiedemann

Lena Dörrie's primary photo Lena Dörrie – Nurse Clara Schrage

Anna König's primary photo Anna König – Pathologist Edda Heimann

Vico Mücke's primary photo Vico Mücke – Yasin Friese

Florian Panzner's primary photo Florian Panzner – Daniel Kahnwald

Anton Rubtsov's primary photo Anton Rubtsov – Benni / Bernadette / Transvestite Benni

Sebastian Rudolph's primary photo Sebastian Rudolph – Michael Kahnwald

Mieke Schymura's primary photo Mieke Schymura – Police Officer Jankowski

Antje Traue's primary photo Antje Traue – Agnes Nielsen

Lisa Kreuzer's primary photo Lisa Kreuzer – Claudia Tiedemann

Gwendolyn Göbel's primary photo Gwendolyn Göbel – Claudia Tiedemann 1953

Michael Mendl's primary photo Michael Mendl – Bernd Doppler 1986

Rike Sindler's primary photo Rike Sindler – Jana Nielsen 1953

Joshio Marlon's primary photo Joshio Marlon – Tronte Nielsen 1953

Lena Urzendowsky's primary photo Lena Urzendowsky – Ines Kahnwald 1953

Nils Brunkhorst's primary photo Nils Brunkhorst – Teacher

Tara Fischer's primary photo Tara Fischer – Girl in School

Tom Jahn's primary photo Tom Jahn – Jürgen Obendorf

Lena Milan's primary photo Lena Milan – Pathologist / Teacher

Barbara Philipp's primary photo Barbara Philipp – Caseworker Selma Ahrens

Paul Radom's primary photo Paul Radom – Erik Obendorf

Denis Schmidt's primary photo Denis Schmidt – Sebastian Krüger

Anna Schönberg's primary photo Anna Schönberg – Nurse Donata

Lea Willkowsky's primary photo Lea Willkowsky – Secretary Jasmin Trewen

Valentin Oppermann's primary photo Valentin Oppermann – Mads Nielsen

Peter Benedict's primary photoPeter Benedict – Aleksander Tiedemann

Béla Gabor Lenz's primary photo Béla Gabor Lenz – Aleksander Tiedemann 1986

Leon Lukas Blaschke's primary photo Leon Lukas Blaschke – Student #2 Theater

Lea van Acken's primary photo Lea van Acken – Girl from the future

Helena Abay's primary photo Helena Abay – Yasin's Mother

Annika's primary photoAnnika – School Girl

Jennipher Antoni's primary photo Jennipher Antoni – Ulla Obendorf

Thomas Arnold's primary photo Thomas Arnold – Farmer Hermann Albers

Nino Böhlau's primary photo Nino Böhlau – Bully #1

Luc Feit's primary photo Luc Feit – Veterinarian Dr. Schaller

Franz Hartwig's primary photo Franz Hartwig – Martin Döhring

Eva Maria Jost's primary photo Eva Maria Jost – Nurse Anne Reisch

Lenz Lengers's primary photo Lenz Lengers – Bully #2

Cornelia Lippert's primary photo Cornelia Lippert – Woman search party

Henning Peker's primary photo Henning Peker – Pathologist Udo Meier>

Paul Radom's primary photo Paul Radom – Erik Obendorf

Sammy Scheuritzel's primary photo Sammy Scheuritzel – Student #1 Theater

Rudolph Sebastian's primary photo Rudolph Sebastian – Michael Kahnwald

Hannes Wegener's primary photo Hannes Wegener – Dr. Reimann

Nina Weniger's primary photo Nina Weniger – School for the deaf teacher

Roland Wolf's primary photo Roland Wolf – Officer 1953

Harald Effenberg's primary photo Harald Effenberg – Mann Suchtrupp

the crew of the show Dark have diverse and extensive backgrounds. here are the bios of the key people

BARAN BO ODAR (Director & Showrunner)

Born in 1978 in Olten, Switzerland, Baran bo Odar made a splash with his gripping thriller The Silence (2010), starring Wotan Wilke Möhring, Ulrich Thomsen and Katrin Saß. This feature-film debut, which was screened at numerous festivals at home and abroad, received overwhelming critical acclaim. Odar gained international attention with his next film, the
complex cyber-thriller Who Am I (2014). Produced by Wiedemann & Berg, who are also the producers of Dark , Who Am I features the crème de la crème of Germany’s actors: Tom Schilling, Elyas M’Barek, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Hannah Herzsprung and Antoine Monot Jr. The box office hit had its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. His next film was his first Hollywood production and was released in theaters this January: the action thriller Sleepless (2017) starring Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan.


Odar studied at the University of Television and Film Munich. In 2003 he worked as assistant director of The Forest for the Trees (2003) by Maren Ade. Two years later he directed his first short film, Quietsch . His next project, Unter der Sonne (2006), was his first 60-minute film.

JANTJE FRIESE (Screenplay Writer & Showrunner)

Born in Marburg, Germany in 1977, Jantje Friese studied Production and Media Business at the University of Television and Film Munich. Her first position after graduation was as a producer at the film production companies Made in Munich and Neue Sentimental Film Berlin. During this time, she supervised the production of a variety of commercials before she worked as a producer for the big screen for the first time with Baran bo Odar’s feature-length film debut, The Silence (2010).


After that, she changed roles and went from production to writing. In the meantime, Friese is also active all over the world and has developed projects for production companies in Los Angeles and London. She and Baran bo Odar wrote the screenplay for Who Am I (2014) together, and Odar filmed it; the political and cyber-thriller received outstanding reviews and earned six 2015 German Film Award nominations, including in the “Best Screenplay” category.


Along with her work as a writer, Jantje Friese also coaches actors, writers and producers with a thematic focus on drama and character development.


Last year, Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann celebrated their greatest success as producers to date with Welcome to Germany (2016), which was written and directed by Simon Verhoeven. With an audience of more than 3.7 million, it became the most successful German film production of the year. At the German Film Awards, the film not only won a Lola for the year’s most popular film, but it was also one of the five films nominated in the “Best Film” category. The producers had already released Verhoeven’s English-language horror film Friend Request (2016) last spring with great success. Then came the acclaimed three-part TV film NSU: German History X , along with the ambitious two-part TV film Rivals Forever - The Sneaker Battle (Die Dasslers).


The duo continued its successful run in 2017. The producers landed a winner, both with critics and in the ratings, with Marvin Kren’s six-part series 4 Blocks starring Kida Khodr Ramadan, Frederick Lau and Dark costar Oliver Masucci, which had its world premiere at the Berlinale. Since 2012 they have also produced eleven successful Tatort episodes, and they are currently in post-production of the series Tannbach II and the TV movies Tödliche Geheimnisse – Jagd in Kapstadt , Das Nebelhaus and Wir lieben das Leben . Also in its final stages of production is the new film by Oscar winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Werk ohne Autor (2018) starring Tom Schilling, Sebastian Koch and Paula Beer. The feature film The Fall of the Wall is also currently in preparation.


Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann met at school in fifth grade, where they discovered a mutual love of film. After graduating from high school in 1997 and gaining experience in various parts of the media industry, they began their studies together at the University of Television and Film Munich in 1999. They both graduated in 2003 with degrees in Production and Media Business. At that time, the duo produced numerous short films, which have received more than 60 national and international film prizes. In the final year of their studies they founded the Wiedemann & Berg Film company, and in 2003 they completed their first commissioned television production.


Their first cinematic release, The Lives Of Others (2006), which was directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, wrote film history – among other awards, it earned four Bavarian, seven German and three European film awards, a Golden Globe® nomination, the Independent Spirit Award, the British Film Award, the César award and the 2007 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Wiedemann & Berg produced the movies St. Daisy (2012, directed by Marcus H. Rosenmüller), Men in the City 2 (2011, directed by Simon Verhoeven), Friendship! (most successful German film of the year 2010, directed by Markus Goller), Men in the City (2009, directed by Simon Verhoeven), Räuber Kneissl (2007, directed by Marcus H. Rosenmüller) and Military Academy (2006, directed by Granz Henman), as well as a variety of television films and event productions.


The two producers also celebrated a sensational cinematic success with the comedy Joy Of Fatherhood (2014), which was directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and Torsten Künstler and drew nearly 2.5 million viewers to German theaters, making it one of the most successful German films of the year. In 2014, they attracted international attention with the cyber-thriller Who Am I (2014) by the two creators of Dark, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.


Since the release of their first TV movie in 2007, Raging Inferno , they have repeatedly enjoyed success with notable television productions; their online series Add a Friend is currently in its third season. Frauenherzen, starring Nadeshda Brennicke and Julia Dietze, was also a success, as was the critically acclaimed TV movie Die Spiegel-Affäre , which was directed by Roland Suso Richter. That was followed by efforts such as the ambitious historical three-part film Tannbach , with leading roles played by German stars such as Martina Gedeck, Nadja Uhl, Maximilian Brückner and Ronald Zehrfeld.


Wiedemann & Berg productions have received numerous awards, including the Jupiter Award and the Bambi Award for Men in the City. Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann have received the Hollywood Reporter Award and the Video Champion Award for their work as producers. Both are members of the German, British and European film academies.

JUSTYNA MUESCH (Executive Producer)

After studying media planning, development and consulting, JUSTYNA MUESCH studied Production and Media Business at the University of Television and Film Munich. Before and during her studies, she gained experience working at Hofmann & Voges Entertainment, Diana Film, Olga Film and Goldkindfilm in the areas of story development and production, and produced various short films.


After graduating from film school in 2004, Justyna Muesch initially worked at advertising production companies and as an assistant to Dr. Gabriela Sperl at Sperl Film GmbH before switching to licensing in 2005. Since then she has worked at Telepool GmbH in the movie acquisition program and in international sales of cinematic releases. From December 2007 to August 2011, she was Co-producer and Acquisition Manager for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany and implemented various projects as a co-producer, including Lilly The Witch: The Dragon And The Magic Book (2009) and Lilly The Witch: The Journey To Mandolan (2011). She has been working at Wiedemann & Berg Film since September 2011.

ERIK BARMACK (Executive Producer)

Erik Barmack is Vice President, International Originals at Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service. Barmack is responsible for developing programming strategies and producing original series and other content outside of the United States. Under his leadership, recent international original launches include Club de Cuervos and Ingobernable (Mexico), Marseille (France), Las Chicas del Cable (Spain), 3% (Brazil), Suburra (Italy) and Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (United Kingdom).


Upcoming series include The Eddy , Academy Award ® winner Damien Chazelle’s eight-episode musical drama that will be shot in France and feature dialogue in French, English and Arabic; German original Dark, O Mecanismo (Brazil), Edha (Argentina), Sacred Games (India), Kingdom (Korea), Dogs of Berlin (Germany) and The Witcher saga (Poland) among other projects that represent Netflix’s commitment to investing in content and countries across the globe. Over his six years at Netflix, he has served in a variety of senior executive roles, where in addition to developing the original and first-run strategies for international content, he helped set the initial strategies for kids, independent film, anime and other genre programming.


Prior, he worked in television production, distribution and digital media development, including a number of roles developing mobile/digital business strategy at ESPN. In addition, he was the Chief Operating Officer of a fantasy sports startup, which was sold to The Sporting News; he is the author of two books; and worked as a journalist for several years.

KELLY LUEGENBIEHL (Executive Producer)

Kelly Luegenbiehl is VP, Creative, International Originals at Netflix. In this position, Kelly oversees the development and production of Netflix’s non-US based series, which launch simultaneously around the world in 190 countries. Kelly has been responsible for the creative and has overseen the launches of numerous shows including Suburra, Las Chicas del Cable, Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, Ingobernable, Marseille, Club de Cuervos seasons 2 and 3 and 3%.


Prior to Netflix, Kelly worked at ABC as Vice President, Comedy Development and International Scripted, ABC Entertainment Group. Some of the shows she was directly responsible for include ABC’s comedy series Fresh Off The Boat, Cristela, The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Suburgatory, as well as The Middle . She was also on the team that developed Modern Family and Black-ish.


Prior to ABC, Kelly worked for Bravo as Manager of Development and Production, where she won a Primetime Emmy Award for her work on Kathy Griffin’s My Life On The D-List . In 2010 Kelly was selected as one of The Hollywood Reporter’s “Top 35 Executives Under 35,” and in 2011 Variety profiled her in their inaugural list of “Hollywood’s New Leaders.”

AMANDA KRENTZMAN (Executive Producer)

Amanda Krentzman graduated Wesleyan University with a BA in Economics. She started her career working in Management Consulting and after began working at William Morris Endeavor. After two years, and working with a partner there across almost every department, Amanda worked with Ben Silverman at Electus on creative development and talent packaging. Some of the shows she worked on were Jane the Virgin, Mob Wives, Fashion Star, Killer Women, Marco Polo, Bear Grylls Get out Alive and more. Following that she worked at another independent studio, The Jackal Group, and among other series she sold to cable and broadcast outlets, she sold the TV series Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life to Fox.


Amanda joined Netflix to work on the creative development side of the International Originals Group. The team is responsible for International Netflix Original productions outside of the US. They are looking to buy TV shows in major markets outside of the US such as Latin America, India, The Middle East, Asia and Europe and then to produce them in that country, in the local language of the country, for the audience in that country and then for that show to live on Netflix in 190 countries at once. It’s an exciting initiative and she is incredibly passionate about finding authentic shows all around the world.


Nikolaus Summerer is Baran bo Odar’s preferred camera operator; together they had already brought to life Who Am I (2014), which was Odar’s directorial debut, The Silence (2010), and Odar’s 60-minute film school movie, Unter der Sonne (2006). His most recent work includes the Netflix production The Siege of Jadotville (2016) and Aron Lehmann’s comedy Highway to Hellas (2015).


Summerer has served in various roles as a camera operator since 2000. He has been involved in productions such as Anatomy 2 (2003), Distant Lights (2003), French for Beginners (2006), Wild Chicks in Love (2007), Pornorama (2007), Vicky the Viking (2009) and What a Man (2011). In addition to these, he has also worked the camera on numerous short films and documentaries.

UDO KRAMER (Production Designer)

Udo Kramer graduated from the prestigious Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf university in 2005. Since then, he has been responsible for the production design of 16 German and international film productions; at the start of his career, he was the production designer for Detlev Buck’s Tough Enough (2006). He created the production design for Buck’s 3D film adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann’s bestseller Measuring the World (2012) and for this was nominated for the German Film Award in Best Production Design.


In addition, Kramer did the production design for Philipp Stölzl’s The Physician (2013). Kramer and Stölzl had also worked together before on Young Goethe in Love (2010) and North Face (2008). Kramer earned Lola nominations for Best Production Design for all three movies. He also served as the production designer for the international production Into the White (2012). His first collaboration with director Marjane Satrapi was the live-action film Chicken with Plums (Poulet aux prunes, 2011). The next collaboration was The Voices (2014) with Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton and Jacki Weaver. Most recently, Kramer was responsible for the production design of action movie Point Break (2015) with Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez.

ANETTE GUTHER (Costume Designer)

Born in Edinburgh and raised in Ulm, Anette Guther received her diploma in Fashion and Costume Design from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in 1993. Guther has worked as a costume designer for feature films since 1992. Her collaboration with director Christian Petzold has been particularly close; she has designed the costumes for his films such as Cuba Libre (1995), The State I Am In (2000), Ghosts (2004), Yella (2006), Barbara (2012) and Phoenix (2014). She has also worked repeatedly with Thomas Arslan (A Fine Day, 2000; In the Shadows, 2009; Gold, 2012; Bright Nights, 2017), Nicolette Krebitz (The Heart Is A Dark Forest, 2006; Die Unvollendete, 2008) and Angela Schanelec (Marseille, 2003; Afternoon, 2006; Erster Tag, 2008). In addition to these, she was also responsible for the costume design of Janeck Rieke’s Trial by Fire (1996), Sebastian Schipper’s A Friend of Mine (2004), Philipp Kadelbach’s The Secret of the Whales (2008) and Hendrik Handloegten’s Summer Window (2011). Her most recent work is includes Axolotl Overkill (2017) by Helene Hegemann and Magical Mystery oder die Rückkehr des Karl Schmidt (2017) by Arne Feldhusen.

the key crew of Dark

it takes hundreds of creative people and thousands of hours to make something like Dark.  this is only a partial list of those talented people


Baran bo Odar


Baran bo Odar - Writer (created by)
Jantje Fries -  Writer (created by)
Martin Behnke - Writer
Ronny Schalk - Writer
Marc O. Seng - Writer


Erik Barmack - Executive Producer
Quirin Berg - Executive Producer
Baran bo Odar - Executive Producer
Jantje Friese - Executive Producer
Amanda Krentzman - Executive Producer
Kelly Luegenbiehl - Executive Producer
Justyna Müsch - Executive Producer
Arno Neubauer - Line Producer
Sofie Scherz-Fleischer - Line Producer
Max Wiedemann - Executive Producer



Ben Frost


Nikolaus Summerer


Robert Rzesacz
Denis Bachter
Anja Siemens
Sven Budelmann

|production designer

Udo Kramer

|art directors

Michael Fissneider - Art Director
Stefan Hauck - Art Director

|set decorators

Katharina Birkenfeld
Heike Wolf

|costume designer

Anette Guther


Dark Logo

Dark stars Oliver Masucci; Karoline Eichhorn; Jördis Triebel; Louis Hofmann; Maja Schöne; Stephan Kampwirth; Daan Lennard Liebrenz; Andreas Pietschmann; Deborah Kaufmann; Tatja Seibt; Walter Kreye; Lisa Vicari; Paul Lux; Hermann Beyer; Moritz Jahn; Peter Benedict; Aleksander Tiedemann; Christian Steyer; Leopold Hornung, and more!

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  1. Black on black in the Charger I’m creepin’ Rub me the right way, you might get a genie B.o.B, black Houdini

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