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who's in the tv series Altered Carbon?

...a look at the main credited cast

Joel Kinnaman's primary photo Joel Kinnaman – Takeshi Kovacs

James Purefoy's primary photo James Purefoy – Laurens Bancroft

Martha Higareda's primary photo Martha Higareda – Kristin Ortega

Chris Conner's primary photo Chris Conner – Poe

Dichen Lachman's primary photo Dichen Lachman – Reileen Kawahara

Ato Essandoh's primary photo Ato Essandoh – Vernon Elliot

Kristin Lehman's primary photo Kristin Lehman – Miriam Bancroft

Trieu Tran's primary photo Trieu Tran – Mr. Leung

Renée Elise Goldsberry's primary photo Renée Elise Goldsberry – Quellcrist Falconer

Hiro Kanagawa's primary photo Hiro Kanagawa – Captain Tanaka

Waleed Zuaiter's primary photo Waleed Zuaiter – Samir Abboud

Adam Busch's primary photo Adam Busch – Mickey

Marlene Forte's primary photo Marlene Forte – Alazne Ortega

Hayley Law's primary photo Hayley Law – Lizzie Elliot

Antonio Marziale's primary photo Antonio Marziale – Isaac Bancroft

Zahf Paroo's primary photo Zahf Paroo – Curtis

Tamara Taylor's primary photo Tamara Taylor – Oumou Prescott

Fiona Vroom's primary photo Fiona Vroom – Sandy Kim

Lisa Chandler's primary photoLisa Chandler – Mary Lou Henchy

Riley Lai Nelet's primary photo Riley Lai Nelet – Young Reileen

Alika Autran's primary photo Alika Autran – Okulov

Will Yun Lee's primary photo Will Yun Lee – Stronghold Kovacs

Byron Mann's primary photo Byron Mann – O.G. Kovacs

Cliff Chamberlain's primary photo Cliff Chamberlain – Ava Elliot

Matt Biedel's primary photo Matt Biedel – Dimi / Abuela

Teach Grant's primary photo Teach Grant – Jimmy DeSoto

Stephanie Cleough's primary photo Stephanie Cleough – Anemone

Michael Eklund's primary photo Michael Eklund – Dimi

Anna Van Hooft's primary photo Anna Van Hooft – Clarissa Severin

Garfield Wilson's primary photo Garfield Wilson – Gomez

Maddie Dixon-Poirier's primary photo Maddie Dixon-Poirier – Little Girl

Arnold Pinnock's primary photo Arnold Pinnock – Hemingway

Chris McNally's primary photo Chris McNally – Sergei Brevlov

Andre Tricoteux's primary photo Andre Tricoteux – The Mongol

Katie Stuart's primary photo Katie Stuart – Vidaura

Daniel Bernhardt's primary photo Daniel Bernhardt – Jaeger

Sean Amsing's primary photo Sean Amsing – Gus

Matt Frewer's primary photo Matt Frewer – Carnage

Michael Adamthwaite's primary photo Michael Adamthwaite – Father Kovacs

Tahmoh Penikett's primary photo Tahmoh Penikett – Dimitri Kadmin

James R. Baylis's primary photo James R. Baylis – Dick

Nikohl Boosheri's primary photo Nikohl Boosheri – Nalan Ertekin

Eddie Flake's primary photo Eddie Flake – Officer Davis

Fraser Aitcheson's primary photo Fraser Aitcheson – Gene Freak Rhino Man

Hannah Rose May's primary photo Hannah Rose May – Synth Woman

Yukari Komatsu's primary photo Yukari Komatsu – Mother Kovacs

Trevor Roberts's primary photo Trevor Roberts – CTAC Intel Officer

Brett Chan's primary photo Brett Chan – Policeman

Lexi Atkins's primary photo Lexi Atkins – Belle

Olga Fonda's primary photo Olga Fonda – Sarah

Paul Lazenby's primary photo Paul Lazenby – Trooper

Jane Hancock's primary photo Jane Hancock – Orientation Woman

John Emmet Tracy's primary photo John Emmet Tracy – Warden Sullivan

Troy Rudolph's primary photo Troy Rudolph – Re-Meet Dad

Jojo Ahenkorah's primary photo Jojo Ahenkorah – Grant

Bruce Blain's primary photo Bruce Blain – Re-Sleeve Guard

Elfina Luk's primary photo Elfina Luk – Re-Meet Mom

Kai Bradbury's primary photo Kai Bradbury – Tadao

Kwasi Thomas's primary photo Kwasi Thomas – Meditech

Peter Woodward's primary photo Peter Woodward – Pleasure Concierge

Demord Dann's primary photo Demord Dann – Guard

Jesse Downs's primary photo Jesse Downs – Child

Jillian Fargey's primary photo Jillian Fargey – Mrs. Henchy

Nicole Anthony's primary photo Nicole Anthony – Trainee

Chelsea Gill's primary photo Chelsea Gill – Needlecast Tech

Toby Hargrave's primary photo Toby Hargrave – Flake

Darcy Hinds's primary photo Darcy Hinds – Kerwin

Lillian Lim's primary photo Lillian Lim – Hostess

Wolfgang Klassen's primary photo Wolfgang Klassen – Security Office Guard

Anoop Randhawa's primary photo Anoop Randhawa – Policeman

Shayn Walker's primary photo Shayn Walker – Security Guard

Cory Chetyrbok's primary photo Cory Chetyrbok – Spirit Saver Demonstrator

Darren Dolynski's primary photo Darren Dolynski – Male Investigator

Vivian Full's primary photo Vivian Full – Receptionist

Yuvraj Kalsi's primary photo Yuvraj Kalsi – Boy at Stronghold

Hesham Hammoud's primary photo Hesham Hammoud – Officer

Rob Hayter's primary photo Rob Hayter – Corridor Guard

Michelle Lee's primary photo Michelle Lee – Female Fighter

Jay Cardinal Villeneuve's primary photo Jay Cardinal Villeneuve – Spirit Saver Demonstrator

Winson Won's primary photo Winson Won – Officer Levine

Ken Kramer's primary photo Ken Kramer – Hank

Colleen Wheeler's primary photo Colleen Wheeler – Nurse

Chad Krowchuk's primary photo Chad Krowchuk – Miles

David Lewis's primary photo David Lewis – Director Nyman

David William No's primary photo David William No – Male Fighter

Eijiro Ozaki's primary photo Eijiro Ozaki – Saito

Ben Wilkinson's primary photo Ben Wilkinson – Doctor

Tim Perez's primary photo Tim Perez – Father

Courtney Richter's primary photo Courtney Richter – Ava

David Milchard's primary photo David Milchard – Al

Yuichi Saito's primary photo Yuichi Saito – Shimoda

Amitai Marmorstein's primary photo Amitai Marmorstein – Junkie Dealer

Christian Sloan's primary photo Christian Sloan – Vincente Giraud

Simon Chin's primary photo Simon Chin – Alcatraz Guard

Jody Racicot's primary photo Jody Racicot – Mr. Philips

Sheila Tyson's primary photo Sheila Tyson – Carla

Altered Carbon, behind the scenes, season 1

Altered Carbon, behind the scenes, season 1. (Source: Netflix)

Altered Carbon Logo

the key crew of Altered Carbon

it takes hundreds of creative people and thousands of hours to make something like Altered Carbon.  this is only a partial list of those talented people


Uta Briesewitz - Director
Alex Graves - Director
Peter Hoar - Director
Nick Hurran - Director
Andy Goddard - Director
Miguel Sapochnik - Director


Nevin Densham - Writer
Laeta Kalogridis - Writer
Richard Morgan - Writer
Steve Blackman - Writer
Russel Friend - Writer
Garrett Lerner - Writer
Brian Nelson - Writer
Casey Fisher - Writer


Brian Nelson - Co-Executive Producer
Allen Marshall Palmer - Co-Producer
Nick Hurran - Executive Producer
Russel Friend - Executive Producer
Dana Goldberg - Executive Producer
Garrett Lerner - Executive Producer
Mike Medavoy - Executive Producer
Arnold Messer - Executive Producer
Marcy Ross - Executive Producer
James Vanderbilt - Executive Producer
Miguel Sapochnik - Executive Producer



Jeff Russo


Martin Ahlgren
Neville Kidd


Amy M. Fleming
Byron Smith
Barry Alexander Brown
Jonathan Chibnall
Julian Clarke
Michael Ruscio

|production designer

Carey Meyer

|art directors

Chris Beach - Supervising Art Director
Harrison Yurkiw - Art Director

|set decorator

Lin MacDonald

|costume designers

Ann Foley
Christine Wada


Altered Carbon Logo

Altered Carbon stars Joel Kinnaman; James Purefoy; Martha Higareda; Chris Conner; Dichen Lachman; Ato Essandoh; Kristin Lehman; Trieu Tran; Renée Elise Goldsberry; Hiro Kanagawa; Waleed Zuaiter; Adam Busch; Marlene Forte; Hayley Law; Antonio Marziale; Zahf Paroo; Will Yun Lee, and more!

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