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Stranger Things is a Netflix Original series, produced by 21 Laps Entertainment.  There are 17 episodes over 2 seasons.  Each episode is around 50 minutes in length. Netflix has ordered another season, which will be released during the summer of 2019.


The spoken language is English, and Netflix offers dubbing and/or subtitles in several other languages. There may be more language options available in your area.


Stranger Things is rated TV-14.  This series contains frightening situations and is not intended for unsupervised young children.


Stranger Things, in short, is the story of how a group of young friends in a small mid-western town deal with a mysterious government-run lab and the terrifying secret that lives beneath it. It all begins with the disappearance of Will Byers, and the simultaneous appearance of a girl called Eleven.

Noah Schnapp in season 1 of Stranger Things.

Noah Schnapp in season 1 of Stranger Things. (Source: Netflix)

We have so much nostalgia and love for this era. We really wanted to see something on television that was in the vein of the classic films we loved growing up: the Spielbergs, the John Carpenters, as well as the novels of Stephen King. - Matt Duffer

I'll admit it took me until episode three of the first season to get into this show, but after that I gorged on it whenever I had the time. There's not much that I can say about Stranger Things that hasn't already been said, so I'll just add my opine to the long list of reviews and opinions that are out there.

The Golden Age of Television is here, at least for a few more years.  I watch a lot of TV and a lot of movies; and being a crew member in the industry for more than a quarter century I've seen both sides have good and bad years. The accolades and awards are well deserved for Netflix and the performers and artists of Stranger Things. This is TV's Golden Age and I'm glad to be a part of it - even if only as a loyal viewer. Stranger Things is one of the better shows on TV today...and that list is getting bigger (I encourage readers to check out some "Nordic Noir" for more exceptional TV).

Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp & Finn Wolfhard in season 2 of Stranger Things.

Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp & Finn Wolfhard in season 2 of Stranger Things. (Source: Netflix)

I will echo the words of those who spoke about the 80's nostalgia in Stranger Things. Coming of age during the 1980's, I could relate to a lot of the more personal situations the protagonists were dealing with; relationships, school, bullies...I think most of us geeks out there had some flashbacks while watching....both good and bad.

There are so many references and little inside jokes and homages throughout the first two seasons that it's worth re-watching the entire series just to look for things in the background; or to listen really close to some of the dialogue. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you missed. Brilliant writing, well researched and well thought-out production design, and acting worthy of an encore of one, perhaps two more seasons. - Nick Runyeard

series & technical details


streaming on Netflix / renewed for season 3 (2019)


drama / fantasy / horror








approx. 46 to 61 mins /episode


397 binge minutes (se.1)
458 binge minutes (se.2)


2.00 : 1


Dolby Digital


English (various subtitle languages also available)


RED DSMC2 Monstro 8K (se.3) / RED Epic Dragon, Leica Summilux-C Lenses / RED Weapon Helium, Leica Summilux-C Lenses (se.2)


Digital Intermediate (4K) (master format) / Dolby Vision / HDR10 / Redcode RAW (6K) (8K) (source format)

business details


21 Laps Entertainment / Monkey Massacre / Netflix




15 Jul. 2016 (se.1)
27 Oct. 2017 (se.2)


$6M /episode (se.1)
$8M /episode (se.2)
$10M /episode (rumored)(se.3)

worth noting


- ūüŹÜ WON, AFI Award
TV Program of the Year (2018)
- Nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards
- Another 47 wins & 149 nominations


Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder; David Harbour; Finn Wolfhard; Millie Bobby Brown; Gaten Matarazzo; Caleb McLaughlin; Natalia Dyer; Charlie Heaton; Cara Buono; Matthew Modine; Joe Chrest; Joe Keery; Noah Schnapp; Randy Havens; Sean Astin; Paul Reiser; Maya Hawke; Cary Elwes; Jake Busey, and more!

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