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Memories of Hannah haunt Clay as a lawsuit against the school goes to trial, and more startling secrets emerge as the students testify.

13 Reasons Why season 2 poster

Season 2 [HD] Trailer (Credit: Netflix)

Episode 2.01

The First Polaroid

Episode 2.02

Two Girls Kissing

Episode 2.03

The Drunk Slut

Episode 2.04

The Second Polaroid

Episode 2.05

The Chalk Machine

Episode 2.06

The Smile at the End of the Dock

Episode 2.07

The Third Polaroid

Episode 2.08

The Little Girl

Episode 2.09

The Missing Page

Episode 2.10

Smile, Bitches

Episode 2.11

Bryce and Chloe

Episode 2.12

The Box of Polaroids


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"13 Reasons Why" stars: Dylan Minnette; Katherine Langford; Christian Navarro; Alisha Boe; Brandon Flynn; Justin Prentice; Miles Heizer; Ross Butler; Devin Druid; Amy Hargreaves; Derek Luke; Kate Walsh; Timothy Granaderos; Michele Selene Ang; Steven Silver; Bryce Cass; Tommy Dorfman; Ajiona Alexus; Josh Hamilton; Grace Saif.

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