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After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

13 Reasons Why season 1 poster.

Season 1 [HD] Trailer (Credit: Netflix)

Episode 1.01

Tape 1, Side A

Episode 1.02

Tape 1, Side B

Episode 1.03

Tape 2, Side A

Episode 1.04

Tape 2, Side B

Episode 1.05

Tape 3, Side A

Episode 1.06

Tape 3, Side B

Episode 1.07

Tape 4, Side A

Episode 1.08

Tape 4, Side B

Episode 1.09

Tape 5, Side A

Episode 1.10

Tape 5, Side B

Episode 1.11

Tape 6, Side A

Episode 1.12

Tape 6, Side B

Episode 1.13

Tape 7, Side A


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"13 Reasons Why" stars: Dylan Minnette; Katherine Langford; Christian Navarro; Alisha Boe; Brandon Flynn; Justin Prentice; Miles Heizer; Ross Butler; Devin Druid; Amy Hargreaves; Derek Luke; Kate Walsh; Timothy Granaderos; Michele Selene Ang; Steven Silver; Bryce Cass; Tommy Dorfman; Ajiona Alexus; Josh Hamilton; Grace Saif.

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